If you haven’t already heard in the media by now, Flint, Michigan is in the middle of what we’d like to call a serious water crisis. There is huge controversy and a debate on whether or not Flint’s water meets healthy drinking standards. Government officials are trying to cope with the public as a whole, but for the most part, the people are not having it because they truly believe the water is unhealthy to drink on a regular basis. The problem with Flint’s water is that the lead levels are much higher than most areas, and now, The Lead and Copper Rule, which dictates that amount of lead that is allowed in order for water to be considered healthy drinking water, is now under consideration for revision in response to Flint’s crisis. The full details on the crisis can be examined in the video below:

flint play video

There is now pressure on the EPA to raise healthy drinking water standards, and although the The Lead and Copper Rule was not set to be revised until 2017, there is a good chance now that it could be revised much sooner. Even officials in the state of Ohio are calling for the revision of this rule, especially after the town of Sebring, OH also had a surplus of water that was not considered healthy for drinking by the current regulations. The head of the Ohio EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), Craig Butler, has actively called for the citizens of Ohio to test their own water on their own accord. He says that 60 days is far too long for a resident to go without realizing they could be consuming lead-contaminated water, and urges the local citizens to test their water today instead of waiting.

Now, the country is turning to President Obama, who is in charge of the water budget moving forward into the new fiscal year. Obama released a $4.1 trillion budget in February for the fiscal year of 2017, where he takes a stand in his case on energy and environmental friendly initiatives. $260 million of this budget is set to go toward activities that specifically boost the data and research focusing on these water issues, as well as $88 million being handed to the National Science Foundation to help them understand and increase the overall U.S. water supply.

What does this mean for us here in Connecticut, or the future of the water industry? Overall, the people in charge are responding pretty positively to the problems that have been put into focus surrounding the water crisis in Flint, which is great for our industry. This means there could be healthier drinking water standards on a national basis, which is in fact a good thing. These problems shouldn’t affect us locally, but remember, if you ever have even a doubt or concern in your mind on the quality of your water, you can get your water tested for free! Aqua Pump is here to help, with all needs, worries, or issues surrounding water here in Connecticut. 

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2013 has certainly brought some unforgettable weather patterns to the United States so far.  Between New England snowfall totals, late season blizzards and the devastating tornadoes throughout Oklahoma and the midwest, we are all too familiar with weather in general.

One thing we often dont think about is the effects these types of weather patterns have on surface water, which can effect our drinking water supplies too.

As the EPA states, "Storm water runoff becomes contaminated when rain water comes into contact with contaminated soil and either dissolves the contamination or carries contaminated soil particles."

With weather patterns changing surface water, its impacts also have a spiraling effect including:

  • "It can impact the health of lower food chain organisms and, consequently, the availability of the food supply up through the food chain." states the EPA
  • Humans and animals that drink contaminated water or use it to do daily activities such as bathe.
  • In addition, the EPA state also states, "One of the major concerns associated with contaminated surface water is the ability of aquatic organisms, like fish, to accumulate and concentrate contaminants in their bodies. When other animals or humans ingest these organisms, they receive a much higher dose of contamination than they would have if they had been directly exposed to the original source of the contamination."

With extreme weather, such as the weather we are currently facing, it is critical that we pay attention to our water and do testing on a more regular basis. As human beings living on earth, everything we do is connected, almost in a circular motion.

When our weather is extreme, our agriculture is effected, which incorporates livestock and other organisms, which in turn has a direct correlation with human beings.

While municipailities and other organizations are controlled and monitored by regulations, its up to homeowners to test their water when they schedule testing. 

For more information, contact our team at Aqua Pump at (860) 684-5349.

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