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Water System Engineering

Yes, there are many factors that come into play when it comes to water systems engineering, and making all the right choices along the way is highly important. Here at Aqua Pump, we pride ourselves in our water systems engineering, and we can be your trusted advisors when it comes to well pumps and installations. When we take a look at water systems engineering, right off the bat, we that vertical turbine pumps as well as submersible pumps are specially engineered for the task at hand, and there are many individual factors that determine which pump could be best suited for a specific job. Let’s take a look at some of the details.

The first thing we consider is which turbine bowl we should be selecting when we work on a water system. We look at the specific applications that the turbine bowl will be used for, how often it will be used throughout the day, and how much use the turbine bowl will see on an annual basis, as well. After that, we take a look at variable speeds or flow pumps if they are suitable for your water system’s needs, how much time in a day that each unit is estimated to operate as well as the life span or even the efficiency of the unit we’ve selected. 

After we finish up with the turbine bowl selection, we also take a look at the discharge head. This is the point where the column of your water system, or the vertical riser pipe, attaches to the horizontal discharge pipe. First, we look at whether it will be a usual cast-iron discharge head, but they can also be made of fabricated steel for higher heads or deeper sets. After that, we make sure to apply the proper sealing of the discharge head, but we won’t get into too much detail there. 

Next up, we select the proper driver, which is usually mounted to the discharge head. Usually, this consists of a vertically mounted electric motor that is directly attached to a pump, and also drives that specific pump’s usage. That, or we may use a right angle gear drive, which can convert power from a horizontal source into vertical pump rotation. Now, we could potentially use a combination of both for special occasions, and in this instance, we could have the motor drive switch over to the gear drive automatically in the case of a failure too. 

With all this being said about water systems engineering, how does it affect you, the customer? Well, long story short, we are your trusted professionals, and we can help break down your specific situation so you can better understand your general water pump or water system needs. In fact, not only will we make things easier for you, but we’ll get you the best products suited for your specific situation, instead of just trying to sell you on one specific brand’s vendors. We make the right choices for the best interest of our customers, and if you need help with your water pump or water system, give us a call today at 1 800-642-0420, toll free!

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