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May is Drinking Water Month!

May is Drinking Water Month!
That's right, one of our favorite months of the year is May because it is National Drinking Water Month! We hope you and your families have all been consuming healthy amounts of water, because water is very healthy for the body and has a wide range of benefits, and for any and all things water related, you can count on Aqua Pump to be there to help!
Do you realize just how important water is for our bodies though? Water actually takes up about 60% of our body, and by drinking water, you'll be able to maintain a healthy fluid balance and the hydration levels you need to get by. Not to mention, drinking water also helps the body with maintaining a healthy digestive system, regulating the temperature, and getting nutrients to the right places at the right time. 
Water can also help out with controlling your calories too! There may be many diets or regimens designed to help out with cutting calories, but truth be told, consuming healthy amounts of water is directly linked to weight loss. Speaking of which, if you're burning fat and sweating it out at the gym, water is especially important for you in order to stay hydrated and have the energy you need to maintain your exercises. Without it, your muscles could get tired, so it's important to drink enough water to help keep you moving forward.
Water can also help out with several areas of your body's health. First of all, it is a fatigue crusher. Water can help with dealing with fatigue even more so than coffee, because tiredness can be heavily caused by dehydration. Speaking of health benefits, water also helps with maintaining healthy kidney function, because our kidneys have to process up to 200 quarts of blood on a daily basis, and they need enough fluids to be able to clear the waste that we don't need in our body. Other than that, water is a disease fighter, because it provides strength to your immune system to help you recover from disease or sickness. 
Lastly, water can have some great benefits to help with boosting your productivity. Water can help with pain prevention, because cramping muscles or aching joints can occur if your body is dehydrated, and that could potentially slow you down. Also, water helps you focus, and a glass of water here and there will help you with feeling refreshed or staying alert throughout your day. Additionally, water is considered a brain booster, because a study conducted in London actually had students take tests with and without drinking water, and the students who drank water came out with better overall scores.
So now what? Well, the amount of clean water that you need to consume in a day is debatable, but experts say that anywhere between 9 and 16 cups a day will help all of the benefits that we listed above. If you're not sure about the quality of your water, or if your water is clean and clear for drinking, Aqua Pump is here to help! Remember, the characteristics of water can change with the seasons, and if you have any concerns, you can always ask us for a free water test to make sure you're all set. To get your free water test, call John Rossi at Aqua Pump at (860)-508-9124, or feel free to email John directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!
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Haven’t heard of a “flowmeter” before? Not a problem, Aqua Pump is here to help! A flowmeter is a device that has the ability to measure the amount of liquid passing through it, so for our use, that would be the amount of water passing through it. This is important, because these measurements are related to the material’s density, which is fully dependant on the conditions of the material, which could be directly correlated to the quality of your water.  There are different types of flowmeters, some used for measuring vapor and gas, or even other forms of liquids, but we’ll just focus on flowmeters used to measure water for all intents and purposes.


So why are flowmeters important to you, the customer? Well think about this: depending on the quality of your water, as well as have the ability to monitor how much water your system is pumping over time. Flowmeters can be complex, but not if you have the right help from a professional. It’s our job to help you select a flowmeter, make sure we meet all the right installation requirements for your situation, read and record the meter’s rates, and even operate or control the system from a distance. This allows us to monitor water systems to ensure they are working properly, and that your water isn’t having any major issues.


The flowmeter allows us to track the instantaneous rate that water is flowing through your system, so if there are any irregularities, we’ll know right away. The sooner we discover a problem, the faster we will be able to come up with a solution, and avoid any long term damage. Not only that, but we can even monitor the overall total volume of water that you are using overtime. If you had any issues with your bill or water system, we could monitor your water system’s activities to help come up with the most optimal solution.


Basically, this all ties back to the fact that we want to be your trusted industry experts for any all things concerning your water and well systems. If you have a problem, we want to have the right technology in place and meet up with the latest industry standards and techniques to provide you with fresh water on a daily basis. For any and all issues concerning your water system, give us a call today!

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The Water Industry is Going Green

Get this: each person, on average, uses about 120 gallon of water in just one day. For a family of four, this could mean using about 480 gallons in just one household per day, and for a family of five, that's going to be upwards of 600 gallons a day.

Shocked yet? We imagine you might be with numbers like that. The thing about the water industry, though, is that the marketing and selling of “going green” is nothing new to our space. At first, it almost seemed like going green would just be a fad or phase that would pass, but we can proudly say that the industry is always looking for ways to be more efficient and more green-friendly.

Here’s something else you should think about. With a one horsepower motor on your water pump at $0.13 per kilowatt-hour, with a 10 gpm pump, you would spend roughly $5 per month to provide water to a four-person household. That being said, we’d also like to mention that this could be compared to a cable bill, which is (on average in the United States) roughly $98.15 a month (data comparison provided by Water Well Journal). This is shocking. It only costs $5 a month to provide water to a family with the water industry’s initiatives to go green, yet we can spend nearly $100 a month on cable at the same time. That’s a deal you simply can’t pass up.

The only alternative to a point-of-use private well system would be to have longer lines of pipe that could deliver water from a community-based water system. Unfortunately, the problem with that is that it could be a heavy cost if leaks were to happen, and it could even use more energy just to move the water along. Point-of-use water systems have become efficient in their delivery for just about anything, and that’s including water. With technology on the rise in our industry, and the leaders of our industry focused on making our processes and procedures more green friendly and efficient, we are proud to say that the water industry is always changing for the better.

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Thursday, 17 March 2016 08:19

New Technology Hits the Water Industry

We live in a day and age where technology makes rapid progressions, and for the water industry, that’s no different! We’ve seen a lot of new technology hitting our industry in recent times, and that allows us to solve your problems either quicker, more efficiently, or more easily. The water industry is thriving, and is positioned on several ongoing trends, one of which is predominantly the evolution of water technology, even right here in Connecticut.

Let’s take a look at how these changes have affected our industry more recently, one of which is the development of the VFD, or a variable frequency drive. Prior to the development of this device, water motors and pumps were started by a QUD, also known as a quick disconnect. The quick disconnect was only made up of two parts, being a relay and a capacitor. Nowadays, the QD is being replaced by the VFD, which is made up of several of hundreds of components that allow the VFD to do the same job, but more efficiently. Although both of these devices are used to start the motor and pump, you’ll notice an immediate difference in the constant pressure of your water if you install a VFD, and trust us, the pressure is great compared to the QD! By using a VFD, we can get your water pressure almost equivalent to that of city water, even if you have a private well at your home.

Aqua Pump has taken the initiative in implementing new technologies in how we service our customers, because we want to provide the best possible solutions for any and all water related issues. By implementing this new technology, we are adapting with the trends of the industry, and have even taken the time to hands-on train our employees on how to technically support this new technology as well. If you’d like to see how new technology in the water industry can help you, give us a call here at Aqua Pump with any questions you may have at 1-800-642-0420.

To keep up with changing trends in the water industry, check back on our blog again next Thursday, where we will go over the changes in residential wells!

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Have you heard about our 24 hour service?

Where would we be without water? There would be no way for us to get clean, no way to grow fruits or vegetables, no way to even survive, and there wouldn’t even be life on earth. Water is the one thing that allows us to keep moving forward as a human race by providing us with life. From cooking, washing, to recreation, we understand the importance of water and its great uses.

That’s why we have a 24-hour emergency service, 7 days a week, all year round. Our normal hours are 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday where we will be happy to service all of your needs for anything related to water. But, what about in the case of an emergency? What if your water stops working altogether? Or if your water tank is making loud, alarming noises in the middle of the night that you don’t understand?

That’s where we come in. With our 24-hour emergency service, you can reach out to us at any time you need to for emergency situations. We’ll connect you with a real person, and help you through your issues or problems to the best of our ability, and service you as soon as possible. All we ask is that you make sure it is absolutely urgent before calling us after hours.

Our emergency number for calling in after-hours toll-free is 1-800-642-0420. Just as a reminder, our local call-in number for scheduling appointments or asking for help with problems during the day is 860-668-4379, and you can give us a call at any time!

For all issues pertaining to water, we are here to help!


24 hour

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Businesses throughout Connecticut that supply water to customers and employees often times require specific testing and monitoring guidelines suggested by the DWS.

So what does a Certified Operator monitor?

  • Keep your water system in full compliance with the CT state regulations
  • Collection/overseeing the required water testing mandated by the CT DPH
  • Maintaining equipment of your water system such as; storage tanks, well pumps, booster pumps and filtration equipment
  • Keep accurate records of water analyses, repairs, maintenance and so much more.

As the Department of Health states, "Certification applicants must meet a combination of education, experience and examination requirements to become certified. These requirements are specified in Departmental regulations, which include provisions for renewal, reciprocity and enforcement."

Aqua Pump's reputation in Connecticut has made it a leading choice for certified operator needs with businesses. For more information on the certified operator program or to know if your business will require this program, call our team today at (860) 684-5349.

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Depending on where you live, you are more likely to experience certain water issues over others. Because no two places of the earth are quite alike, testing your water annually (for private water sources) is crucial. 

In previous posts, we have mentioned characteristics of hard water, soft water, nitrates, etc. Below are some possible water conditions and how you might recognize them.  

Does your household plumbing contain lead?

Test for: pH, lead and copper

Do you live near a landfill, dump, gas station, dry-cleaning operation?

Test for: total dissolved solds, pH, metals, chloride, volatile organic compouds, sulfate

Do you have scaly residue? soap that wont lather?

Test for: Hardness of water

Do you live near farms or heavy agricultural areas?

Test for: Pesticides, coloiform bacteria, Nitrate  

As the EPA states, "Test private water supplies annually for nitrate and coliform bacteria to detect contamination problems early. Test them more frequently if you suspect a problem. Be aware of activities in your watershed that may affect the water quality of your well, especially if you live in an unsewered area."

To schedule a test for your Connecticut residents, call our team at (860) 684-5349.

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Certified Operators in Connecticut

Starting out a new company, or taking over an existing company in Coventry, Mansfield, Manchester, or anywhere in Connecticut? You may require a CT Certified Operator or a Treatment Distribution Operator.

Certain types of companies that supply water to employees and customers do require someone to take care of their water to protect the people of Connecticut. We offer services if you are looking for a Certified Operator. We take care of public water supplies needs such as Water testing, filtration service, weekly/monthly/quarterly testing, reporting to Connecticut Department of Public Health - Drinking Water Section, and so much more. We offer excellent customer service to any questions you may have on your well system for your Connecticut business.

What Are The Responsibilities Of A Certified Operator?

With this program, Aqua Pump will handle the details needed to keep CT Businesses within regulation with this program including the following:

  • Day-to-day operation of facility to keep system in full compliance with CT state regulations
  • Collection/overseeing the required water testing mandated by the CT DPH
  • Maintaining the equipment of your water system such as; storage tanks, well pumps, booster pumps and filtration equipment
  • Keep accurate records of water analyses, repairs, maintenance and so much more.

As the Department of Health unveils new and updated regulations for businesses around the state, Aqua Pump has now released their Certifited Operator Program to help businesses manage their water supplies and regulation requirements.

For more information, please contact Aqua Pump at (860) 684-5349 to talk to one of our Certified Treatment Plant and Distribution Operators.  

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When a business, municipal or other public building are in need of a certified operator to take care of their water needs and maintenance, Aqua Pump has been the trusted choice in Connecticut.  

Included within the responsibilities of a certified operator include:

  • We design and build the most cost effective, reliable treatment system and water supply systems in the state of Connecticut.
  • Our services include full water supply development and design, filtration systems and maintenance programs to fit your needs.
  • Aqua Pump is the leading expert in arsenic removal, large scale for iron and manganese systems, odor and other contaminants related to VOC’s and SOC’s, from oil and gas products, contamination and pesticide or herbicide contamination.
  • Aqua Pump has a new line of uranium treatment products, we can provide the assurance of a system you will be confident with.

Businesses throughout Connecticut understand how vital it is to have their source of water constantly monitored and maintained to standards of high expecations. Our family-owned business is proud to have certified operators recognized for excellence within our company.

For more information regarding our certified operator program here at Aqua Pump, call our team today at (860) 684-5349 or check out our website for more certified operator information.

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Certified Operator Program at Aqua Pump

Although we may not realize it, maintaining a public water supply requires constant maintenance and consistent responsibilites for the certified operator handline the water supply and the one responsible for the supply.

Whether it be a municiapl building, daycare, school or restaurant as an example, a certified operators duties and responsibilites becomea long laundry list.  

The CT Department Of Health reports the duties and responsibilites of the Certified Operator including the following

  • maintenance program and a source protection program 
  • collect or oversee the collection of water samples as specified by the Department of Public Health (DPH) 
  • ensure the delivery of safe water at all times by complying with the Public Health Code (PHC) of the State of CT 
  • review all water quality analyses for completeness prior to submission to DPH 
  • report all violations to DPH and issue public notices when needed 
  • oversee and monitor all repairs performed on the public water system 

For more information on the Certified Operator Program, contact Aqua Pump at (860) 684-5349.

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