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The Importance of Water Potability

When people think of premium features in their homes, water potability may not immediately come to mind, but it should. The health of both people and pets depends on the availability of potable water, meaning…

A Brief History of Water Wells

What exactly is a well? Technically speaking, it is a structure created in the ground by digging, drilling, or driving to access groundwater in underground aquifers, or a pocket of water trapped between layers of…

Quick and Helpful Facts About Water Wells

There are three possible types of drinking water wells used in private residences, in homes like yours! Dug/Bored Wells There are dug/bored wells, which are holes dug by hand or backhoe, cased (lined) by stones,…

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The Chemical EDB and Facts Connecticut Residents Should Know

Several months ago, we had talked about an incident in Connecticut with the toxin EDB and homeowners. While you can still read the JI article here, let’s take a look at EDB a bit further…