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Well Water Testing 101

Well water testing helps ensure the health and safety of your family. Since there are so many substances that can contaminate water, including PFAS, bacteria, viruses, parasites, and more, testing your water can help identify…

How Water Testing Protects Your Family

Water is an essential component of our lives. We use it for drinking, cooking, and cleaning. However, the quality of the water in our homes varies by location and even neighborhood. For example, living up…

A Brief History of Water Wells

What exactly is a well? Technically speaking, it is a structure created in the ground by digging, drilling, or driving to access groundwater in underground aquifers, or a pocket of water trapped between layers of…

Quick and Helpful Facts About Water Wells

There are three possible types of drinking water wells used in private residences, in homes like yours! Dug/Bored Wells There are dug/bored wells, which are holes dug by hand or backhoe, cased (lined) by stones,…

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You Haven’t Had Your Well Water Tested? Here’s Why It Is Time

Your water tastes great, no smell, no taste and you’ve never had a problem with it. We hear all the time, “I have the best water around”. In some instances that may be true. However,…