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What is K-Life?

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K-Life is potassium chloride, which is a naturally occurring mineral and has been used for years as a salt alternative.

How is K-LIFE Better for You? 

K-LIFE and regular softener salt both soften water by a process called ion exchange, which means that as your water softener removes hardness and impurities from the water it must give something back to the softened water. With regular softener salt, sodium is added to soften the water. The harder the water, the more sodium is added. With K-LIFE the same exchange process takes place except K-LIFE adds potassium instead of sodium (salt).

Better for the Environment!

The key difference, which makes potassium chloride environmentally friendlier than salt, is that potassium itself is primarily a plant nutrient, while sodium (salt) is not. By using potassium chloride as a water softener regenerant, you can reduce the amount of sodium present in the effluent and replace it with potassium. Potassium is less damaging to soils and less mobile than sodium. The use of potassium chloride as a water softener regenerant will also result in a reduction of 12 to 20% in the total amount of chlorides being discharged septic or sewage systems.

Using K-LIFE to soften water in houses that have septic tanks and drainage systems is beneficial to the organic waste materials in the septic tank. Potassium is a nutrient required by the bacteria to aid in digestion of the organic materials. Overall, potassium chloride offers significant environmental advantages over sodium chloride when used as a water softener regenerant.



Product FAQ & Information

Can I use K-LIFE in my water softener?

K-LIFE can be used in any brand water softener unit. K-LIFE can be even added to softeners with regular softener salt still in them. Just pour K-LIFE on top and when the regular salt is used up, you will begin enjoying sodium-free soft water.

No wonder more and more families feel they no longer need to be concerned about drinking softened water, when they can choose potassium chloride for their water softeners!

How much potassium will K-LIFE add to my water?

Assuming that you drink two quarts of water per day you would add the following amounts of potassium to your diet, depending on the initial hardness of your water:

Initial Water Hardness

 Grains/Gallon  Potassium (mg)
 5  133
 10  266
 15  400
 20  533

The following amounts of potassium would be present in some common fruits and vegetables.

Potassium (K+) added to diet.

 Fruit or Vegetable  Potassium (mg)
 Banana (1 medium)  440
 Cantaloupe (1/2 small)  682
 Apple (1 medium)  152
 Beans (1/2 cup)  390
 Broccoli (1 cup)  332
 Potato (1 medium)  782

Example: Consuming 2 quarts of 10 grain softened water would add 266 mg of potassium to your diet or approximately the same amount as half a medium size banana.

K-LIFE is Manufactured by North American Salt.


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