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Water conditioners are the solution to hardness, iron, manganese and pH correction

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Evolve Series® Water Conditioners

Product Information

Aqua Pump believes in improving water quality in all of the towns and communities we serve. As a result, we only rely on the best products to support our mission, which means that you can rest assured that high-quality products, such as Evolve water conditioners, will improve your water quality.

For example, Evolve water conditioners and sanitizers utilize the leading water treatment technology, which stands out from the crowd.

“Evolve® water conditioners bring cutting-edge water treatment into your home, providing brilliantly-engineered water. Our water conditioning systems are equipped with a patented IQ2 controller that features a self-monitoring deep cleaning system and an exclusive Crystal-Right™ media. Our EV1 and EV2 systems preserve your home while producing fresh, pristine water."


  • Utilizes Crystal-Right™ CR-100 Silica Crystals
  • Removes hardness, iron, manganese
  • Raises low pH


  • Utilizes Crystal-Right™ CR-200 Silica Crystals
  • Removes hardness, iron and manganese

Like all Evolve Series models, the EV1 and EV2 boast the IQ Controller™ valve system, which offers advanced levels of programming and diagnostics. The result is the best overall water quality, provided with the utmost efficiency, for your household, particularly if you rely on well water.

For more information on this process visit the Evolve Series website or download the Evolve Series EV1 & EV2 Sell Sheet.

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Golden Eagle Water Conditioners & Sanitizer Series

Product Information

The Golden Eagle Sanitizer Series is the only multi-purpose water conditioning and sanitizer that functions as a water treatment system. Ultimately, this comprehensive system effectively removes hardness, iron and manganese; raises pH; and disinfects itself automatically during regeneration.

“The Golden Eagle features an advanced water conditioning control that regenerates with less salt and less water than most conventional water softeners. Using “Smart Memory”, the Golden Eagle tracks and records your daily water usage regenerating only when necessary, saving as much as 60% of the water and salt intake during this process. A fully adjustable control valve and a user-friendly touch pad make customizing easy for those challenging water problems. This state-of-the-art equipment also features variable up flow bringing with floating reserve to ensure the optimum in efficiencies.”

  • A single advanced water treatment system especially designed for well water with low pH.
  • Four units in one: removing hardness, iron, manganese and raising your water pH. No other equipment add-ons to buy. Single system design maximizes water pressure throughout your home.
  • Cleans and sanitizes itself automatically using Water-Right's chlorine generator. No chemicals, additives or special handling required.
  • Odors and problems caused by iron and sulfur bacteria are virtually eliminated.
  • Advanced, solid-state "system analyzer" (patent pending) monitors and communicates operating model — even alerts you to low salt conditions.
  • Three models to choose from to best meet your family's needs.

Water conditioner installation information

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Whole house filters range in size, typically between 5' - 7' tall, or about the size of small closet. Aqua Pump can install most whole house filters in a single morning or an afternoon.

Comprehensive water treatment and filtration solutions

If you discover any water related issues, remember that you can trust the team at Aqua Pump Company!

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