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Certified Operator Program Sets Us Apart

Group 40486

At Aqua Pump

Our Certified Operator Program Includes:

Group 40486

Day-to-day operation of your facility to keep your system in full compliance with CT state regulations

Maintaining the equipment of your water system such as; storage tanks, well pumps, booster pumps and filtration equipment

Collection/overseeing the required water testing mandated by the CT DPH

Keep accurate records of water analyses, repairs, maintenance and so much more


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Commercial and Industrial Applications

Aqua Pump Co., Inc. understands that the vitality of an enterprise depends on its infrastructure. We design and build the most cost-effective, reliable treatment systems and water supply systems in the state of Connecticut. Our services include full water supply development and design, filtration systems and maintenance programs to fit your needs. Aqua Pump is the leading expert in arsenic removal, large scale for iron and manganese systems, odor and other contaminants related to VOC’s and SOC’s, from oil and gas products, contamination and pesticide or herbicide contamination. Aqua Pump has a new line of uranium treatment products, we can provide the assurance of a system you will be confident with.

Arsenic & Uranium Removal

The EPA has recently lowered the arsenic standard for drinking water to 10 parts per billion and the uranium standard to 30 parts per billion. We understand that those numbers may not mean anything to you, but they're important to us. Arsenic and uranium removal from drinking water requires special attention from a certified professional. Based on information available from various water testing results the probability that anyone's well poses a health concern is very low. However, we recommend you get your water tested.


If you’re looking for help with your current water treatment system, look no further than the trusted water experts at Aqua Pump. Whether you need service and repair or a preventative maintenance and performance checkup, there is no one more qualified than Aqua Pump. Our experienced network of service technicians are trained and certified to provide service, repair, and maintenance on all major brands of water softeners, water purifiers, water filters and drinking water systems. Whether you need one service call or want a hassle-free maintenance plan, Aqua Pump is the one to trust for all your service and maintenance needs.