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ph Neutralizers

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ph Neutralizers

Group 40486

Evolve Series® EVBF

Product Information

Evolve Series® EVBF backwashing filters are custom-configured to address the specific water treatment issues of any household. Used alone or in combination with our other conditioners, EVBF units deliver exceptional results.

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Every EVBF unit is built from the ground up using special media and media mixes to treat one or several water quality problems. As always, your Evolve dealer can perform basic water testing right in your home to determine the proper media formula for your household. They can then recommend the right EVBF configuration or combination system needed to provide the best water quality possible.

EVBF metered units offer the flexibility to treat many water quality issues, including:

  • Neutralizing acid (EVBF-AN)
  • Chlorine removal
  • Iron removal
  • Turbidity removal

The result is a highly effective, computer-controlled filter with the power to consistently deliver quality water.

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Golden Eagle Neutralizers

Product Information

Golden Eagle Neutralizers

  • Blue or green staining

Golden Eagle Neutralizers are needed to raise pH. A neutralizer is a closed vessel filled with limestone. The water passes through the neutralizer and dissolves the limestone raising the pH. The blue or green stains are a result of copper plumbing being dissolved by water and re-oxidizing on the fixtures. By raising the pH you will extend the life of the plumbing and prevent the development of leaks.

Installation information

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Whole house filters range in size, typically between 5' - 7' tall, or about the size of small closet. Aqua Pump can install most whole house filters in a single morning or an afternoon.

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Our Certified Operator Program offers Commercial & Industrial Applications, Arsenic & Uranium Removal, and Maintenance Plans.


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