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Do you know where your well head is located?

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Knowing your well location is definitely something a homeowner should understand because proper well maintenance requires finding the well! But, we realize homeowners lose sight of their well. After all, it could be hidden amongst the shrubbery in your garden or flowerbed. Or, in a worst-case scenario, it could become buried below the ground level over time. It's also possible, living in Connecticut, that it becomes buried under a foot of snow during the winter. If you don’t know your well location, then rest assured because Aqua Pump Co offers well location services.

Contact Aqua Pump to schedule a service call. We'll bring our metal detectors and other specialized equipment to help bring your well head above grade, and make sure everything is in good shape and functioning properly. We want you to be prepared for when the situation arises where you need to repair or replace a well pump.

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Other well services

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​​At Aqua Pump Company, we are dedicated to solving your water problems, which might include finding your well or other well services, such as repair or routine maintenance. We are driven by our principal mission to help ensure your family uses clean, safe water. As a result, we provide additional well services that support our mission helping homeowners improve their water quality.


Leak detection is an important and often vital service because water leaks potentially cause property damage that potentially lead to extra costs. Ultimately, most homeowners will experience the dread of a water leak, but rest assured. Our team provides expert leak detection services that help stop water leaks in their tracks. Aqua Pump Company helps reduce costs and inconvenience with our leak detection services by spotting and stopping leaks before they cause too much damage. For example, our team utilizes sophisticated technology to spot water leaks underground or even inside your walls.


Well sanitization helps ensure clean water runs through your home. For example, common contaminants lead to hard water. In particular, natural minerals like iron, manganese or issues with the pH balance generally cause hard water. However, water conditioners and sanitizers provide another solution that remedies hard water. At the Aqua Pump Company, we recommend the Evolve Series water conditioners because the products come equipped with an integrated chlorine generator. This unique design produces a small amount of chlorine, which sanitizes the media bed with each regeneration. As a result, the chlorine effectively kills iron and sulfur bacteria, which is the same bacteria that produces unwanted tastes and odors. Finally, both the Evolve Series EV1 and EV2 utilize exclusive Crystal-Right medias for optimum performance over a broad range of water quality issues.


Our mission is simple!

We want to solve your water problems and ensure your family uses clean, safe water.

If you discover any water related issues (well water or otherwise) remember that you can trust the team at Aqua Pump Company for comprehensive water treatment and filtration solutions. Additionally, we are certified professionals in water filtration and treatment, and our staff undergoes regular training programs that ensure we remain up-to-date with any and all developments in the water treatment field.

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Certified Operator Program

Our Certified Operator Program offers Commercial & Industrial Applications, Arsenic & Uranium Removal, and Maintenance Plans.


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We want you to know that you can always reach us and that we will always do our best to fix the issue as fast as possible: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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At Aqua Pump, we carry an extensive line of water pumps and water tanks, as well as a number of water treatment options.