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Help! There’s No Water In My House!

The toilet isn’t flushing. The kitchen sink handle turns, but no water fills the cup. No matter where or when the problem emerges, the sudden discovery of no water in the house often causes fear…

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How to Avoid PFAS Chemicals

In the midst of a viral pandemic, we remain concerned with the overall health and safety of our community and neighbors. At Aqua Pump, we aim to help improve the water quality of our customers…

What are the PFAS Health Effects?

Increasingly, Connecticut residents are learning more about PFAS. As governmental organizations, such as the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and many colleges are studying PFAS, the results seemingly indicate many negative health effects. So, as…

How Lightning Can Affect Your Water Pump and the Quality of Your Water

Sometimes the last thing we think of is our water pump or effects to water during a lightning storm. The truth is, we have seen cases where lightning has affected both the water quality and…

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