Water Filtration & Emergency Water Services in Barkhamsted, CT

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Barkhamsted, CT

About Barkhamsted

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Barkhamsted’s beauty is evident in its massive amount of forestland, as well as the dual and central water sources of the Farmington River and Barkhamsted Reservoir. Outdoor recreational activities, like hiking, fishing, and more appeal to residents and visitors alike, as well as the area’s serene and historic surroundings. As Barkhamsted residents value their many opportunities to enjoy water-oriented or outdoor hobbies, we at the Aqua Pump Company know that water quality and access is also a priority at home. With offerings like routine water maintenance, water filtration system installation, or emergency water services, the Aqua Pump Company team is here to provide a quality water supply that is safe and consistently accessible to your household.

Trustworthy Water Filtration in Barkhamsted, CT

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Water is a necessary part of so many daily activities in the home. Accordingly, the use of Aqua Pump Company’s water filtration services increases the safety and quality of your home water supply. Our water filtration experts will begin with an assessment of your water and will then engage the most current and effective practices in water purification. As an essential service to ensure the health and safety of your home and loved ones, water filtration removes undesirable chemicals and biological contaminants, and it also suspends solids and gasses in contaminated water.

During the water filtration process, sediment, rust and sand are removed, and this elimination results in improved water quality throughout your entire home. Some of the experienced improvements from our water filtration services are listed below:

  • Better water taste
  • Healthier skin and hair
  • Prevention of contaminant build up in water pipes and heaters
  • Increased longevity of washing machines, dishwashers, and other water-based appliances

To improve your home water supply or confirm its safety for use in your household, contact our water experts at the Aqua Pump Company. Our water filtration services, as well as many other maintenance and product offerings, are available in Barkhamsted and multiple towns across Connecticut and western Massachusetts. Additionally, water filtration are effective for homes with well water or municipal water supply. If you or another person in your household has concerns or questions about your water supply or are looking for guidance about a complete water filtration system or water testing, contact a professional water filtration provider, like the Aqua Pump Company.


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24/7 Emergency Water Services in Barkhamsted, CT

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Most homeowners see potential water problems and related damage as a major home concern. To reduce your anxiety around water worries, the Aqua Pump Company encourages Barkhamsted residents to check their homes regularly in order to prevent water issues or to access support quickly if emergency water issues arise. After all, life can be quite busy, so a leak may have been present for days or even weeks prior to actually being noticed by anyone in your home. The Aqua Pump Company team encourages Barkhamsted homeowners to set aside time regularly in order to carefully check for any of the common water warning indicators listed below. Contact Aqua Pump Company now for 24/7 emergency water services, if your assessment leads to a yes response to any of the following questions:

  • No water?
  • Compromised well pumps?
  • Low water pressure?
  • Cloudy tap water?
  • Water tank noise?
  • Dirty or otherwise discolored water?

Hopefully, common sense would make you take note of these potential water problems, even without prompting. However, intentional observation of the appearance, sound, or even smell of water in your home helps protect your home and your access to quality water. If the water tank is rocking or turning on the tap leads to knocking, contact us to access the Aqua Pump Company’s emergency water support.

Again, homeowners in Barkhamsted can depend on Aqua Pump’s services for water-oriented issues, and our emergency water services can help resolve these water emergencies and more that may impact your home:

  • No water
  • Reduced water pressure
  • Changes in water pressure
  • Well water disruption
  • Water pump fixes

After contact is made with our team, a real person on our team will immediately begin diagnosing the water issue and that service professional will also expedite the arrival of a water expert to your residence.


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The Aqua Pump Company is here to prevent or solve water problems at your Barkhamsted home and to facilitate the accessibility and quality of your water supply. Based in Stafford Springs, our company sees our role in providing safe water for all as a personal and professional matter. Accordingly, we offer a free in-office home water test to Barkhamsted residents, and the results help our water experts provide you with suggestions for your home and water supply. Count on our team to leverage our experience, best practices in our field, and top tier products to care for the water in your household and provide the services you need, including emergency water services, well maintenance or water testing, or water filtration system installations.

Experienced Well Repairs & Well Maintenance

If your Barkhamsted home and residents depend on well water, any water changes or disruptions result in immediate and urgent concern. The Aqua Pump Company offers well repair and maintenance services that ensure a clean and available water supply to your household, including routine tune-ups to help prevent water problems or repairs and updates to ensure proper well functioning.

Regular well inspections are beneficial for your household because they enable the Aqua Pump Company water professionals to improve water pressure and to ensure optimal well operations. Additionally, these scheduled evaluations enable our team to find and fix the relatively minor water issues that, if left unchecked, could cause significant water damage. Our experienced experts are here to help you protect your water supply, your home, and your loved ones by evaluating water pumps and resolving any related concerns. Furthermore, routine well water maintenance, like that available from the Aqua Pump Company, is a proactive step in home care, which greatly reduces the potential need for emergency water services.

Expert Barkhamsted, CT Water Testing

Expert water technicians should perform annual water testing at Barkhamsted homes on a yearly basis, especially if well water is the primary water source. Although all water has some impurities, how water travels into and through the home, as well as a variety of additional factors, may lead to potential contamination. Contaminated water is a health and safety issue for everyone but especially for younger children. As such, our team encourages homeowners to have professional well inspections and water testing completed at least once a year. At the Aqua Pump Company, we know the risks associated with water contamination, and water testing effectively reveals the presence of these common well water problems:

  • Hard or Soft Water
  • Low or High pH Balance
  • Iron, Arsenic, Manganese, and Uranium
  • Odor 
  • Sodium 
  • Chlorides

Reliable Well Location Services

When your household depends on well water, being able to identify your well location is critical for maintaining a safe and continuous water supply. Understandably, life can be quite busy, so sometimes overgrown grass or accumulated tree debris may cover your well and hide it from view. Fortunately, our skilled service team will leverage their expertise, as well as the best techniques and tools of the trade, to reveal your well location. Then, these water professionals will evaluate your well and make repairs as needed, so that your wellhead works properly and is above grade. To reduce the potential for water supply problems and make emergency services easy to execute if they are needed, we encourage homeowners to know their well location, be able to access the well with ease, and schedule annual well maintenance by trusted well experts, like those at the Aqua Pump Company.

Reliable Leak Detection Services in Barkhamsted, CT 

At the Aqua Pump Company, we highlight leak detection services because tiny water leaks, like periodic drips, may initially seem like a minor issue. However, if they are left unresolved, they may ultimately cause property damage or require extensive clean up. With the support of experienced water experts like those at the Aqua Pump Company, leak sourcing and solutions are available to you. For help in remedying existing issues or steps that may reduce the likelihood of emergency water support, our experts use leak detection services that engage specialized technology to identify water leaks underground or even inside your walls. Before water leaks negatively impact your property or the well-being of the people and pets who live there, use our trusted leak detection services to find and stop water leaks today.

Skilled Barkhamsted Well Sanitizing Services

Natural minerals, including iron or manganese, and issues with pH balance are often found in water and may result in hard water. However, well sanitizers and water conditioners can improve water cleanliness and mitigate hard water or soft water concerns. The Aqua Pump Company suggests water conditioners from the Evolve Series in particular, because their integrated chlorine generator distributes a small amount of chlorine during each regeneration which sanitizes the media bed and effectively eliminates unfortunate tastes and smells caused by iron and sulfur bacteria. Furthermore, the Crystal-Right media used in both the Evolve Series EV1 and EV2 also addresses a myriad of water quality issues.

PFAS Testing in Barkhamsted, CT

PFAS have a long history of use by manufacturers and other industrial businesses in making their own products, because these man-made chemicals provide resistance to heat, water, and petroleum products. However, as more is learned about these chemicals, findings suggest that PFAS may contaminate water and impact people’s physical health. Protect your household with PFAS testing by contacting the Aqua Pump Company today.

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Caring for your water and those who use it is the Aqua Pump Company’s business and our privilege. Our company proudly provides water treatment and filtration services in Barkhamsted and many other nearby Connecticut and western Massachusetts towns. We want to offer our clients the best services and products, so our certified staff regularly attends educational events and training in the water treatment and filtration industry. To learn about your water quality, contact us today.