Water Filtration & Emergency Water Services in Eastford, CT

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Eastford, CT

About Eastford

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East of Ashford, Eastford is a quiet town and home to about 1650 residents that enjoy their proximity to trails, parks, and the Natchaug Forest, along with the noted Frog Rock. A favorite roadside attraction and picnic spot, Frog Rock is a popular spot for travelers and locals alike. The town of Ashford spans a total of 29.2 square miles with 0.3 square miles of water.

Trustworthy Water Filtration in Eastford, CT

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Many homeowners who rely on well water for their home depend on professional water filtration services to ensure the quality and safety of their water supply. From washing hands and showering to washing dishes or the floors, an uncontaminated water supply is essential. Eastford residents can call on the Aqua Pump Company for trusted water filtration service. Utilizing the best of industry water purification techniques, we can help ensure the best water quality for you and your family. Our filtration techniques can remove undesirable particles from the water supply, such as chemicals and microorganisms, producing a fresher, cleaner water supply.

Besides water purification, we can provide you with a complete water filtration system for your home or business. This system can reduce levels of rust and sediment and provide high quality water throughout the home. A complete water filtration system is known for:

  • producing better tasting water.
  • helping with healthier skin and hair.
  • preventing contaminant buildup in water heaters and pipes.
  • increasing longevity of appliances, such as dishwashers and washing machines.

To learn more about the Aqua Pump Company or our water filtration services in Eastford, contact us. We can perform a free in-office water test (or arrange a lab test, as needed) and provide you with the best solutions for your home.


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During these difficult times Aqua Pump is here for all of your water needs, day and night!

24/7 Emergency Water Services in Eastford, CT

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Water related issues in the home can quickly become a difficult situation. Fortunately, water issues generally show some warning signs before they become a bigger problem. Eastford homeowners can take note of these common signs, and contact the Aqua Pump Company any time of the day or night for 24/7 emergency water services. Some signs you can watch out for include:

  • No Water?
  • Bad Well Pumps?
  • Low Water Pressure?
  • Cloudy Drinking Water?
  • Noisy Water Tank?
  • Dirty Water?

You just can’t underestimate commonsense and gut instinct. If something seems off with your water tank, it's better to act quickly and contact our team for responsive service and repair.

The Aqua Pump Company team is equipped and ready to handle all of your emergency water issues, including:

  • No Water
  • Low Water Pressure
  • Fluctuating Water Pressure
  • Well Water Issues
  • Water Pump Services

When you call the Aqua Pump Company for emergency service, you will reach a real person on the line and an expert water technician will arrive at your home as soon as possible.


The Aqua Pump
Company Promise

Do it Once - Do it Right

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The Aqua Pump Company is your trusted company for water related issues. Family owned and operated, we serve Connecticut and Massachusetts and provide excellent service and the most current solutions for your home’s water supply.

Our promise and mission is ensuring your household has access to safe and clean water. To help Eastford residents make certain of their home’s water supply, we offer a free in-office home water test, and we can provide recommendations specific to your home and needs.

Expert Well Repairs & Well Maintenance

Homeowners across Eastford and the neighboring communities rely on their well water for drinking and household tasks. For many, the uncertainty about the safety and quality of their water supply creates a lot of stress and anxiety. We recognize how this concern and worry can create unease and we offer a full line of well repair and maintenance solutions. 


Timely repairs and regularly scheduled maintenance can help maintain your well and keep it running in optimum condition. Additionally, these services can correct water pressure issues and identify and correct minor problems before they become a bigger issue. Routine well water maintenance can help reduce the risk of needing emergency water services as well as offer assurance on the safety of your home water supply.

Expert Water Testing in Eastford

No water supply is clear from all impurities, but some factors pose potential contamination or health risks. With annual well water testing, homeowners reduce the likelihood of contaminated water and adverse health effects. The Aqua Pump Company team recommends a once a year well inspection and water testing for households who rely on well water. Our expert and reliable water testing is suited for your home’s specific location and can detect issues, such as:

  • Iron
  • Hard Water
  • Soft Water
  • Low or High pH Balance
  • Arsenic
  • Manganese
  • Uranium
  • Odor
  • Sodium
  • Chlorides

Expert Well Location Services in Eastford, CT

Well location service is more common that you may think and for households who rely on well water, well location is essential for maintenance, repairs, or replacement. Homeowners can leverage the experience of the Aqua Pump Company team. With metal detectors and other technical, specialized equipment and devices, we can effectively locate a hidden wellhead, inspect, and recommend a course of action if needed.

Trusted Leak Detection Services  

When it's difficult to find a water leak source, potential property damage can become more significant. Homeowners can call on the Aqua Pump Company for trusted leak detection in Eastford. Our experienced team can quickly assess and locate leaks in the most difficult of places. If you notice a leak, call our expert team for professional leak detection services.

Expert Well Sanitizing Services

Well sanitization can help ensure the safety of your home’s water supply, and address a broad range of water quality issues. For our residential customers, we recommend the Evolve Series EV1 and EV2 water conditioners for optimum sanitation that can effectively kill bacteria and other unwanted contaminants. Additionally, well sanitizing services manage pH balance issues that cause hard or soft water. 

PFAS Testing

PFAS compounds are synthetic and can be found in many commercially available and industrial products around the globe. There are 1000s of different PFAS varieties and they take a long time to break down in the environment. As new information about PFAS emerge, we know the potential these compounds can have on our health and environment. Concerned homeowners have their water supply tested for PFAS and know their risk of exposure. To schedule, get in touch with the Aqua Pump Company for PFAS testing

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From minor repairs and annual maintenance to a personalized water filtration system for the home, the Aqua Pump Company provides top-notch customer service and supplies the best solution for your home or business. Professionally certified, experienced, and up-to-date on best water filtration practices, we provide expert water treatment and filtration services to preserve the health and safety of your home or office.

To learn more about your water quality, give us a call at 855-936-0807 or contact us today.