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As a family-owned business with a history of dedicated service in Brooklyn and other Connecticut locations, the Aqua Pump Company is committed to providing the water filtration and water services that you need. While we hope that water issues never prevent you from attending the oldest agricultural fair in the country or from enjoying a beautiful stroll along the Quinebaug River, we know that water problems do occur. To maintain the quality of your water and the water that borders Brooklyn to the east, as well as other smaller water sources, our water service professionals are committed to the water quality and access needs in this community and to protecting the natural resources of our shared environment.

Expert Water Filtration in Brooklyn, CT

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The safety of water quality on your property is incredibly important. The Aqua Pump Company offers professional water filtration services to ensure that safe, high quality water is available in your home and for your loved ones. Engaging specialized techniques for effective water purification, our skilled team will evaluate the needs of your water supply and deliver the necessary care for its maintenance and quality. Routine water purification treatments can also reduce contamination concerns by removing problematic chemicals, suspended solids, or other biological materials.

Since a water filtration system removes sediment, sand, and rust from the water supply, its presence and use provides for safer water consumption. Using a water filtration system results in the following improvements to your water and what it encounters:

  • Better-tasting water
  • Healthier skin and hair
  • Prevention of contaminant buildup in piping or heating systems
  • Greater longevity of water-sourcing appliances, like washing machines

Concerned about your water supply and quality? The Aqua Pump Company provides its premium water filtration services to property owners with well water and municipal water in Brooklyn and throughout Connecticut. For current issues or proactive maintenance, contact Aqua Pump Company today for assistance from our professional team.


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24/7 Emergency Water Services in Brooklyn, CT

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A home is both an emotional and financial investment. Understandably, whenever a problem arises in your home, like a water flow or well issue, the situation can evoke fear and worry. However, consistent monitoring of your property and its water-oriented components will help Brooklyn residents protect their homes and property. When conducting this investigation and evaluation, keep the common warning signs listed below in mind. Upon seeing or suspecting any of the following issues, contact Aqua Pump Company today for 24/7 emergency water services.

  • Reduced or entirely absent water
  • Irregular well pumping
  • Atypical water pressure
  • Cloudy tap water
  • Unusual sounds from water tank
  • Presence of sediment or discoloration in water

Proactive care and expedient communication about any identified or potential problems may prevent water issues entirely or mitigate the extent of damage as a result of a water issue. Including water checks as part of regular home maintenance is an easy and crucial step in protecting your property’s water quality and consistency in accessibility. Ease your mind simply by contacting us if you experience or are concerned with your water.

Emergency water services from our Brooklyn Aqua Pump Company specialists can address the following problems:

  • No Water
  • Low Water Pressure
  • Fluctuating Water Pressure
  • Well Water Issues
  • Water Pump Services

When you contact our skilled professionals, our team will immediately begin collecting information and formulating a plan. Looking for fast service? Aqua Pump’s customer service team will expedite a service member to your home as soon as we hear from you.


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The Aqua Pump Company is your local water filtration specialist and offers a complete line of water related services, such as water testing, analysis, and treatment. Since 1973, our team has provided Brooklyn residents, along with the surrounding areas, with a high level of service and expert knowledge. For water-oriented needs, Brooklyn’s Aqua Pump Company providers will execute maintenance, evaluations, enhancements, and solutions in an expedient manner. Additionally, our staff of certified technicians regularly receive training to ensure the use of the top approaches to and methods for water treatment and filtration.

Knowledgeable Well Repairs & Well Maintenance in Brooklyn, CT

People often rely on well water, so our well repair and maintenance providers understand how disturbing it is to discover any changes to water availability or quality. From regularly scheduled maintenance to annual tune-ups, the Aqua Pump Company offers the services homes and properties require for consistent well water supply and quality.

To ensure that your well runs properly and maintains desirable water pressure, the Aqua Pump Company suggests regular well assessments to allow for the diagnosing and remedying of minor problems before they cause more substantial interference in your daily lives or damage to your property. Protect your home water supply by inviting our team to inspect water pumps and resolve any reduced water flow. Again, proper well water maintenance must include routine inspections in order to reduce the potential for emergency water service needs.

Expert Brooklyn, CT Water Testing

Standard impurities are often found in water, and other factors also contribute to water contamination, including the distance water travels into and throughout your home. Especially for residents who rely on well water, yearly water testing helps determine if any unexpected changes are present. Homeowners are encouraged to have wells evaluated once a year at a minimum, since a contaminated water supply not only impacts many functions of daily life, like cooking, cleaning, and bathing, but also may compromise one’s health, especially the well-being of young children. With an understanding of frequent problem areas and warning signs, the Aqua Pump Company technicians will complete water testing with special attention to these water issues:

  • Presence of iron, arsenic, manganese, uranium, sodium, chlorides
  • Soft or Hard Water
  • Low or High pH Balance
  • Foul or unusual odor

Reliable Brooklyn, CT Well Location Services

Knowing your well’s location is incredibly important, particularly if you rely on well water. If you do not know where your well is, our team will leverage years of experience and knowledge of current best practices in our industry to locate your well. Wells are often hidden by longer grass or other yard debris. Using metal detectors and other specialized equipment will assist us in determining your wellhead’s placement on your property and make sure it is functioning effectively. Furthermore, proper well maintenance depends on the location of your well, so the Aqua Pump Company team will ensure that there is easy access to your well. If a situation occurs in which repair or replacement of a well pump is needed, then our service people will be able to swiftly address the problem.

Trusted Leak Detection Services

Brooklyn homeowners and residents in other nearby Connecticut locations know that water leaks occur, and water systems break down. Early leak detection reduces or eliminates significant property damage or other cleaning needs. Upon receiving your call, the Aqua Pump Company team will be there quickly to assess and address the situation. To determine the location of a leak or its source, our team employs high quality technology to find water leaks inside of your home or underground. Protect your property with our trusted leak detection services.

Experienced Brooklyn, CT Well Sanitizing Services

Iron and other minerals and variations in pH balance often appear in water and cause hard water. Fortunately, well sanitization and conditioners contribute to water cleanliness and address other concerns, such as the hardness or softness of water. The Aqua Pump Company suggests the Evolve Series water conditioners for their integrated chlorine generators. The included generator produces a small amount of chlorine, which sanitizes the media bed with each regeneration. Additionally, the chlorine removes iron and sulfur bacteria, which contribute to displeasing water taste and odor. Both the Evolve Series EV1 and EV2 use exclusive Crystal-Right medias for superior performance in addressing a range of water quality issues.

PFAS Testing

PFAS are man-made chemicals that, when used in products, allow them to resist water, heat, and petroleum. Unfortunately, research increasingly suggests that PFAS add contaminants to water supplies and negatively impact human and animal health. Since these chemicals have been used by manufacturing and industrial companies for years because of their unique properties of resistance, PFAS are everywhere. Consequently, the Aqua Pump Company offers PFAS testing to assess the safety of your water supply.

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The Aqua Pump Company prioritizes providing your family with clean, safe water and is dedicated to solving any of your water problems. As part of our Connecticut community, our Brooklyn customers are assured of our commitment to your access to safe water. As an illustration of this dedication, we offer a free in-office home water test (or can arrange for a lab test, as needed) to Brooklyn residents. From minor well fixes to water quality improvement to a complete water filtration system installation, our experienced water professionals will determine and execute the necessary services to maintain your water safety and quality. Once we examine the results of your personal home water test, our team will provide specific recommendations for your property!

If you are experiencing a water related issue in your home, contact us today. Whether you require well location service, more information about our whole home water filtration system, or want to take advantage of our home water testing, the Aqua Pump Company can help.