Water Filtration & Emergency Water Services in Canterbury, CT

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Canterbury, CT

About Canterbury

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Bordered by the Quinebaug River to the east and dotted throughout the town with brooks and ponds, as well as numerous historical landmarks, this 300 year old town has both historical significance and a plethora of opportunities to enjoy nature. With so many beautiful natural resources running throughout our area, we all know the value of protecting our water quality. Our team is here to provide the water filtration and other water services that Canterbury residents may need.

Professional Water Filtration in Canterbury, CT

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For drinking, cleaning, cooking, and more, ensuring the safety of your home water quality is essential for all homeowners. Fortunately, the Aqua Pump Company offers expert water filtration services to protect your home and your loved ones by maintaining and preserving your water quality for residents with well water or municipal water. Furthermore, working with our team means your water supply will be evaluated and serviced by a team that employs premium water purification techniques. Of great importance to the health of properties and inhabitants, water purification removes undesirable chemicals and biological contaminants and suspends gases and solids from contaminated water!

A water filtration system is important because it reduces sediment, sand, and rust  from your home’s water supply. Listed below are some of the benefits of a proper water filtration system when used to treat the water quality of your entire home:

  • Produces better tasting water
  • Supports healthier skin and hair
  • Prevents contaminant buildup in water heaters and pipes
  • Increases longevity of appliances, including dishwashers and washing machines

When questions about your home water supply or concerns about its safety arise, the Aqua Pump Company is here to help and offers water filtration services to clients in Canterbury and in other local communities. If you or a family member is concerned about the quality of your water, contact a professional and knowledgeable water filtration provider, like Aqua Pump Company, immediately.


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24/7 Emergency Water Services in Canterbury, CT

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Like termites or fires, water issues are one of the scariest home-related nightmares. Choose sweet dreams instead of sleepless nights simply by being vigilant. Canterbury property owners can protect their home by answering just a few questions pertaining to relatively common water warning signs. If you answer yes to any of the prompts below, contact Aqua Pump Company now for 24/7 emergency water services.

  • No water?
  • Problematic well pumps?
  • Low water pressure?
  • Cloudy or discolored drinking water?
  • Noisy water tank?
  • Dirty water?

Simply employing commonsense also helps prevent water issues, so be sure to mindfully observe what is happening in your home and respond as needed. If strange noises come from your water tank or the sound of water is absent where it should be heard, it is never too soon or too early to send us a message.

To further reassure our Canterbury clients about how we support all of your water-oriented needs, know that Aqua Pump provides emergency water services that remedy these typical emergency water issues:

  • No water
  • Minimal water pressure
  • Fluctuating water pressure
  • Issues with well water
  • Water pump fixes

When you contact our team by phone or online message form, you’ll then be connected with a real person to help assess your situation. Furthermore, our customer representatives will immediately connect with a service technician who will then be dispatched to your home as quickly as possible.


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Our primary mission at the Aqua Pump Company is to solve your water problems and ensure your access to clean, safe water. From minor adjustments to new water filtration systems, our team looks forward to working with you so that you benefit from our experience and knowledge to get the best service for the needs of your home. Finally, we’ll use the results of your personal home water test to provide specific recommendations just for you and your home!

Expert Well Repairs & Maintenance

Many homeowners in Canterbury and throughout Connecticut rely on well water, so our team understands the anxiety and urgency that accompany the discovery of no or slowed water from kitchen or bathroom faucets. From regular maintenance to yearly tune-ups, the skilled team members at the Aqua Pump Company offer the services you need to keep a consistent water supply and ensure that water is effectively moving throughout the home.

Regular inspections support improvements in water pressure and the proper functioning of your well. Since these assessments identify and address relatively minor issues, any potentially big issues are mitigated before they more negatively and significantly impact the home. To help ensure the safety of your home water supply, our experienced water technicians are prepared to inspect water pumps and any related water flow concerns. Additionally, routine water inspections are such an important part of our work and your proactive home maintenance routine, because proper well water maintenance ultimately reduces the potential for emergency water events.

Expert Water Testing in Canterbury, CT

All water has some impurities, but there are many factors that lead to possible contamination, including how your water travels through the well and into your home for consumption. For this reason, annual water testing performed by qualified professionals is necessary for anyone who depends on well water. At the Aqua Pump Company, we recommend conducting annual well inspections as part of your general home maintenance, because using and consuming contaminated water impacts your health and especially the health of younger children. Our team of experienced water technicians understands the risks of contamination to your home water supply, so our water testing looks for the following most common issues with well water:

  • Iron
  • Hard Water
  • Soft Water
  • Low or High pH Balance
  • Arsenic
  • Manganese
  • Uranium
  • Odor 
  • Sodium 
  • Chlorides

Expert Canterbury, CT Well Location Services  

Many people rely on well water, but they do not know where their well is located. Fortunately, our experienced service providers leverage their experience and top-of-the-line tools and methods to uncover your well location. Whether your family life is hectic or yardscaping isn’t your favorite pastime, overgrown grass or accumulated tree debris may be present and covering your well. From metal detectors to other specialized equipment, our well professionals use their expertise to bring your wellhead above grade and to ensure effective and efficient well functioning. Understandably, proper well maintenance starts with the location of your well. When you work with the Aqua Pump Company, our team will help you gain easy access to your well. As a result, you will be able to support water professionals in repairing or replacing a well pump, if a problem occurs.

Professional Leak Detection Services

In Canterbury and throughout Connecticut, homeowners understand that stuff breaks in and around the residence and problems, like water leaks, occur. Understandably, leak detection is an important service, since water leaks may ultimately cause property damage with associated and potentially significant clean up. For your peace of mind, working with an experienced water expert like the Aqua Pump Company means that you can get the help you need as soon as you need it. We also help reduce the likelihood of any water inconvenience with our leak detection services. With sophisticated technology to spot water leaks underground or even inside your walls, our team provides leak detection services that help stop water leaks in their tracks.

Experienced Well Sanitizing Services

Natural minerals, like iron or manganese, or pH imbalances generally occur within water, and they may even result in hard water. Thankfully, well sanitization helps to ensure clean water in your home and, in conjunction with water conditioners, to address issues like hard water and/or soft water. The Aqua Pump Company typically recommends the Evolve Series water conditioners, which are equipped with an integrated chlorine generator that produces a small amount of chlorine during each regeneration to sanitize the media bed. This feature is beneficial because chlorine effectively kills the iron and sulfur bacteria that produces unwanted tastes and odors. Finally, the Evolve Series EV1 and EV2 both use exclusive Crystal-Right media for optimal impact over a range of water quality issues.

PFAS Testing in Canterbury, CT

PFAS are man-made chemicals that offer resistance to heat, water and petroleum products and, for these properties, have been used by manufacturing and industrial companies for years. Although products have benefited from the characteristics of PFAS, new research reveals that these chemicals contaminate the water supply and may negatively impact our health. Contact us for PFAS testing to avoid the potential ramifications of encountering this chemical contamination.

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If any water related issues surface, remember that the Aqua Pump Company team is here for you and can be trusted to care for your water and those who use it. We proudly offer our water treatment and filtration services in Canterbury and the surrounding communities. Staffed with certified professionals in water filtration and treatment, our team also regularly attends training programs to ensure that we are up-to-date on every development in the water treatment and filtration industry.

To learn more about your water quality, give us a call or contact us today.