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About Canton

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From enjoying one of the hiking trails that are interwoven with many local brooks or taking an afternoon to fish, canoe, or tube along the Farmington River, the 10,000 residents of the Canton community are people who are committed to the land in their area, as well as that at their own homes. While we hope that water issues in your home never prevent you from enjoying your favorite outdoor water activity, homeowners know the importance of a safe and accessible water supply within the home. To maintain the security and quality of its water, the Aqua Pump Company’s water service professionals are committed to caring for the water in the Canton community by providing services such as emergency water services, water filtration system installations, and routine water supply inspections.

Trusted Water Filtration in Canton, CT

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Homeowners prioritize the safety of home water quality because a clean and accessible water supply is of paramount importance to daily living. The Aqua Pump Company offers professional water filtration services to ensure that safe, high quality water is available in your home and to those who live in it. Plus, effective whole house water filtration systems work wonderfully for properties with well water and municipal water. Engaging specialized techniques for effective water purification, our skilled experts will evaluate your water supply and execute the necessary steps in caring for its maintenance and quality. Additionally, routine water purification treatments reduce contamination concerns by removing problematic chemicals and other biological materials, as well as suspending solids and gasses.

A water filtration system positively impacts water quality by removing sediment, sand, and rust from the water supply. A proper water filtration system that treats the water quality of your entire home provides the following benefits:

  • Better tasting water
  • Healthier skin and hair
  • Prevention of contaminant buildup in water heaters and pipes
  • Increased longevity of appliances, including dishwashers and washing machines

The Aqua Pump Company is here to address any concerns about your home water supply or its safety. Our water filtration services are available to Canton residents and in many other locations through Connecticut. When worries about water come up in your household, contact a professional and knowledgeable water filtration provider, like the Aqua Pump Company, today.


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24/7 Emergency Water Services in Canton, CT

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Homeowners are aware that water problems and associated damage are significant. Being vigilant as a homeowner can help you prevent and reduce the likelihood of experiencing the kind of damage that water can do to a home. Canton residents can protect their homes by taking just a few moments to investigate and respond to these prompts related to common water warning signs. If your home assessment results in a yes answer to one or more of the questions below, contact the Aqua Pump Company immediately for 24/7 emergency water services.

  • No water?
  • Problematic well pumps?
  • Low water pressure?
  • Cloudy or discolored tap water?
  • Noisy water tank?
  • Dirty water?

With just a little commonsense and some time for observation, your effort to monitor your home can help prevent water issues or stop any existing issues from causing more damage. When the water tank sounds cranky or the faucet runs dry, connect with the Aqua Pump Company’s professionals for immediate assistance.

For all of your water-oriented needs, Canton residents can depend on Aqua Pump to provide emergency water services, including those needed to resolve these familiar emergency water issues:

  • No water
  • Reduced water pressure
  • Fluctuating water pressure
  • Well water issues
  • Water pump fixes

When you connect with the Aqua Pump Company by phone or online, a real person will begin to diagnose the situation in your home with you. Simultaneously, customer representatives will expediently apprise the service technicians of your needs and direct them to your home.


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The Aqua Pump Company is your local water filtration specialist and offers a complete line of water related services, such as water testing, analysis, and treatment. Since 1973, we have provided a high level of service and expert knowledge to residents in Canton and surrounding communities. To maintain clean and consistent water in your home, the Aqua Pump Company team can be trusted to provide the necessary services. Our licensed and certified water professionals participate in regular training as part of our dedication to understanding and using the most effective and current practices in the water filtration and treatment field. We proudly offer our services throughout Canton and the surrounding communities.

Experienced Well Repairs & Well Maintenance

Across New England, many homeowners rely on well water, so we understand the feelings of anxiety and urgency that accompany any water supply issues. From routine maintenance to annual tune-ups, the Aqua Pump Company experts will provide the necessary services that will  ensure consistent and quality water to your Canton home.

As part of your annual home maintenance plan, be sure to invite water experts, like those at the Aqua Pump Company, to conduct routine well inspections. In addition to improving water pressure and confirming the proper well operation, these assessments enable our water professionals to identify and address relatively minor issues before they can cause more substantial problems in the home. To support the safety of your home water supply, experienced the Aqua Pump Company team members can assess water pumps and fix any related pump or water flow issues. Since proper well water maintenance reduces the potential for emergency water services, we again emphasize that routine water inspections are essential in proactive home care.

Expert Water Testing in Canton, CT

All water has some impurities, but how your water travels into and through your home for use, as well as other factors, can result in contamination. Accordingly, annual water testing by qualified professionals is imperative for homes that source well water – a choice that not only protects your water supply from contaminants but also your health and that of younger children who can be particularly impacted by compromised water. Understandably, our service providers know the risks of water contamination, so our water testing can determine if one or more of these common issues with well water are impacting your Canton home’s water:

  • Hard or Soft Water
  • Low or High pH Balance
  • Iron, Arsenic, Manganese, Uranium
  • Odor 
  • Sodium 
  • Chlorides

Trusted Well Location Services in Canton

Although many people rely on well water, overgrown grasses, fallen branches, or other yard items can cover up wells. Whether you were never quite sure of its location or can no longer determine its placement, our experienced team can uncover your well location by leveraging their experience and specialized tools. By using metal detectors and other necessary equipment to find your well, our well professionals will then ensure that your wellhead is above grade and that your well is working efficiently. In working with the Aqua Pump Company team, you will not only know where and how to access your well but also gain confidence in your ability to support water professionals in repairing or replacing a well pump, if a problem arises.

Reliable Canton, CT Leak Detection Services

As they understand that homeownership comes with unexpected repairs or anticipated updates, people also know that water leaks occur and water systems break down. To reduce or eliminate significant property damage or other cleaning needs, early leak detection is a crucial service. Upon receiving your call, the Aqua Pump Company team will quickly arrive at your home to assess and address the situation, whether in the event of an identified or suspected leak. To determine the location of a leak or its source, our team uses specialized technology to locate leaks inside of the home or underground. To protect your Canton property, engage our trusted leak detection services today.

Experienced Well Sanitizing Services in Canton, CT

Natural minerals, like iron or manganese, or pH imbalances generally occur within water and may even result in hard water. Services like water conditioning and well sanitization help ensure clean water and resolutions to hard water and/or soft water concerns. The Evolve Series water conditioners, a favorite at the Aqua Pump Company, include an integrated chlorine generator that produces a small amount of chlorine during each regeneration to sanitize the media bed. Due to this feature, the iron and sulfur bacteria that cause undesirable tastes and odors are removed. Furthermore, the Evolve Series EV1 and EV2 both use exclusive Crystal-Right media which helps mitigate a variety of water quality concerns.

PFAS Testing

Used by manufacturing and industrial companies for years in making their own goods because of their unique properties of resistance, PFAS are man-made chemicals that resist water, heat, and petroleum products. Unfortunately, recent findings indicate that PFAS are everywhere because of the decades of use, add contaminants to water supplies, and may negatively impact human and animal health. Contact the Aqua Pump Company for PFAS testing to help protect the water quality of your home and its inhabitants.

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At the Aqua Pump Company, we are committed to preventing or solving water problems and providing clean, safe water for your home. With our homebase being in Stafford Springs, it is important to us that we help our extended community by facilitating consistent and safe water for all. As part of this effort, we offer a free in-office home water test (or can arrange a lab test, as needed) to Canton residents, and the results of this personal home water test can help us determine specific recommendations for your home! From minor adjustments to new water filtration systems, our team is ready to use our experience, methods, and products to improve and maintain your home’s water supply. Contact us, so that the Aqua Pump Company team can help you with all of your water-related questions and concerns!