Water Filtration & Emergency Water Services in Coventry, CT

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Coventry, CT

About Coventry

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A town in Tolland County, 12,235 residents call Coventry home. With a total land area of 38.4 square miles, of which only 0.6 square miles is water, this small town is filled with rich history from its Colonial past. Home to several National Historic Places, Coventry residents can step back in time at South Coventry’s old town center or enjoy summer concerts and outdoor fun at Patriots Park near Coventry Lake Brook, which feeds Coventry Lake.

Expert Water Filtration in Coventry, CT

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Residents in Coventry depend on safe and quality water for drinking and other household needs. At the Aqua Pump Company, we provide Coventry homeowners peace of mind with professional water filtration services from certified water treatment professionals. Using only the most advanced water purification techniques, our water filtration services remove impurities, such as chemicals, solids and gases, and biological contaminants, which can compromise a home’s water supply.

Homeowners can improve the whole home water supply with a complete water filtration system. This system effectively reduces sand, rust, and other sediment from the entire water supply and offers benefits such as:

  • producing better tasting water.
  • helping with healthier skin and hair.
  • preventing contaminant buildup in water heaters and pipes.
  • increasing longevity of appliances, such as dishwashers and washing machines.

For questions about our highly effective water filtration services for homeowners in Coventry and nearby communities, get in touch with the Aqua Pump Company. As your local professional water filtration service provider, we offer a free in-office water test (or arrange a lab test, as needed) and can provide you with recommendations specific to your home’s needs.


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24/7 Emergency Water Services in Coventry, CT

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Household emergencies often happen when you least expect, and when this situation involves water, homeowners need a reliable 24/7 emergency water service. If you notice any of the following warning signs, contact the Aqua Pump Company for 24/7 emergency water services.

  • No Water?
  • Bad Well Pumps?
  • Low Water Pressure?
  • Cloudy Drinking Water?
  • Noisy Water Tank?
  • Dirty Water?

For water issues, erring on the side of caution cost homeowners less time, stress, and money. At the start of warning signs, you can call the Aqua Pump Company around the clock and can connect with a live customer representative. Our team can quickly diagnose and resolve your water issue. Some of the most common emergency water issues we see include:

  • No Water
  • Low Water Pressure
  • Fluctuating Water Pressure
  • Well Water Issues
  • Water Pump Services

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Our mission is ensuring all Coventry homeowners can access clean and safe water. The highly qualified team at the Aqua Pump Company is committed to providing the best in water services in Coventry and neighboring communities. With ongoing education and staying abreast of new information and technology, we can assess and mitigate any water related issue.

Experienced Well Repairs & Well Maintenance

Homeowners in Coventry and surrounding areas largely depend on well water for their home. The Aqua Pump Company recognizes the importance of responsive well repair and maintenance to maintain the quality and safety of a home’s water supply, and provides a broad range of well water services. 


Preventative care and regularly scheduled inspections and tune-ups can spot water issues before they become a larger problem. Water pump inspections and well water maintenance address poor water flow concerns, water quality and safety issues, and help prevent emergency water situations. 

Expert Water Testing in Coventry

All water contains some level of impurities and effective well water filtration techniques can lessen the risk of contamination and keep the water supply to the home safe for use and consumption. We recommend annual professional water testing for all homeowners who depend on well water. Especially households with infants or young children or immunocompromised individuals. Our team of expert water technicians can assess your home’s water supply with expert water testing, and can identify issues that can compromise the safety of your home and family. Some of the common issues we encounter include:

  • Iron
  • Hard Water
  • Soft Water
  • Low or High pH Balance
  • Arsenic
  • Manganese
  • Uranium
  • Odor
  • Sodium
  • Chlorides

Expert Well Location Services  

Many homeowners are quick to discover they cannot locate their home’s well head and this can make it difficult for homeowners who depend on well water for their home. Many factors can lead to a missing well head, such as snow or soil cover. At the Aqua Pump Company, we can help find your well location. With decades of experience and specialized tools, we can locate your wellhead, inspect, repair, and offer personalized recommendations for well maintenance.

Expert Leak Detection Services in Coventry 

A water leak is an inevitable nightmare for homeowners and, all too often, it can be a challenge to find the source. This can create a messy and costly problem quickly. Homeowners in Coventry and surrounding communities can call on the Aqua Pump Company for expert leak detection services and gain peace of mind. We leverage the best in technology and can detect water leaks within walls or underground and mitigate the situation quickly. 

Experienced Coventry Well Sanitizing Services

An imbalanced pH can cause hard water issues. For instance, naturally occurring minerals, such as iron, can build up and create a hard water issue. Well sanitation services can restore pH balance and remove harmful contaminants, such as microorganisms and sulfur bacteria that can affect the smell and taste of a home’s water supply. We utilize the Evolve Series EV1 and EV2 water conditioners for optimum sanitizing. With its integrated chlorine generator, the media bed is sanitized with each cycle producing cleaner, better tasting water.

PFAS Testing

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, known as PFAS, can be found in many consumer and industrial products and may pose health and environmental risks. These synthetic compounds are found everywhere in our environment and are commonly used to provide heat and water resistance in many commercially available products. Since these chemical compounds are all around, they can enter and contaminate a water supply. If concerned about your risk of exposure, contact the Aqua Pump Company for PFAS testing

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From minor repairs and annual maintenance to a personalized water filtration system for the home, the Aqua Pump Company can provide top-notch service and supply the best solution for your home and family’s needs. Professionally certified, experienced, and up-to-date on best water filtration practices, we provide expert water treatment and filtration services to preserve the health and safety of your home.

To schedule your free water test today, give us a call at 855-936-0807 or contact us today.