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East Windsor, CT

About East Windsor

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With its small-town joys, like a walk along the Connecticut River and its proximity to the airport and the capital city, East Windsor offers the best of both worlds. As hosts to one of the primary rivers that runs throughout the state, we at the Aqua Pump Company know that you value this resource for outside enjoyment, so you understand the gift of water safety and quality in your home. We commit to offering the services of our skilled staff to the East Windsor community, so that you too can trust the water quality and safety in your home. From routine water maintenance to emergency services, our team is ready and available to address your water needs.

Expert Water Filtration in East Windsor, CT

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From post-hike hydration to general house maintenance, your home’s water safety and quality are paramount for all of your home’s inhabitants. To support the safety and quality of the water in your home, the Aqua Pump Company encourages the use of expert water filtration services to provide you with safe water quality. Once you engage our services, our water filtration technicians evaluate your water supply and employ best practices in water purification to facilitate water quality. Water purification is an essential of general home maintenance because filtration removes undesirable chemicals or biological contaminants including solids and gasses in contaminated water!

Through the removal of sediment, rust and sand from your home water supply, water filtration improves the home water quality. A proper water filtration system supports the water quality of your entire home, not just a single source, which may result in the following overall improvements:

  • Better tasting water
  • Skin and hair health
  • Prevention of contaminant amassing in water pipes and heaters
  • Longer lifespan for washing machines and other water-based appliances

Contact the Aqua Pump Company with any questions about water safety, water quality, or water filtration; our water filtration services are available in East Windsor and the surrounding communities. Contact us, the Aqua Pump Company’s experienced water filtration experts today, if anyone in your household has water quality issues.


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24/7 Emergency Water Services in East Windsor, CT

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Water issues and related damage are one of the top fears that homeowners have. Consistent evaluation of your East Windsor home will enable you to prevent or effectively and quickly address any emergency water issues that may keep from sleeping or wake you up with the drip of a faucet. Make it part of your schedule to assess your home for any common warning signs of water issues, such as:

  • Lack of Water
  • Well Pump Dysfunction
  • Fluctuation or Reduction in Water Pressure
  • Dirty or Cloudy Tap Water
  • Noisy racket from Water Tank or Pipes

It is likely that any of these signs might indicate to you that something is amiss. However, making the effort to be mindful of the sounds, sights, and smells in your home, particularly those that use water, may be the key to preventing water problems or damage. Being vigilant about your home and its water may be the difference between an easy fix and significant impact on your home or the health of a loved one. Don’t wait! Once you spot an issue, call our trusted water experts at Aqua Pump. Reduced water pressure, raucous sounds from the well pump, or cloudy tap water?

East Windsor clients looking to resolve these emergency water issues should contact the Aqua Pump Company immediately:

  • Water flow interruptions
  • Water Pressure reductions
  • Well Water Concerns
  • Water Pump breakage

Once we receive your communication, a real person will address your water issue with you, make a plan, and send an Aqua Pump emergency water professional to your home. Contact the Aqua Pump Company immediately at your first awareness of these problems to use our 24/7 emergency water services.


The Aqua Pump
Company Promise

Do it Once - Do it Right

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Water is essential to the health of your home and family, so the Aqua Pump Company team is committed to support health in the East Windsor community through our water treatment and filtration services. At the Aqua Pump Company, our mission is to facilitate access to clean, safe water for your and your family and to resolve any water issues in a timely and effective manner. We are based locally, so we want to facilitate clean, safe, and quality water and water systems for our local community. To support our investment in our Connecticut communities, East Windsor homeowners can access a free in-office home water test. Based on the results of your home water test or in relation to other home water concerns, Aqua Pump Company’s water experts make recommendations or execute improvements to best provide for your home water needs.

Expert Well Repairs & Well Maintenance in East Windsor, CT

East Windsor’s homeowners, like many across Connecticut, rely on well water. Our team understands the significant anxiety and fear that comes with an unexpected water loss or potentially contaminated water. From well maintenance to yearly well tune-ups, the Aqua Pump Company recommends consistent well evaluation both to prevent well issues and to help us quickly and effectively fix any issues that occur with your water supply and quality.

Regular well inspections can contribute to water pressure and a smoothly functioning well, since this assessment helps well repair professionals find and solve any well maintenance concerns before they become more significant well issues. In choosing the Aqua Pump Company’s expert water professionals, East Windsor residents are prioritizing water safety and quality by connecting with technicians who can skillfully resolve any issues with water pumps or water flow. Once again, we encourage regular water inspections because emergency water service needs may be lessened with such well water maintenance.

Trusted East Windsor Water Testing

All water has some impurities, but water traveling into and throughout the house can encounter additional factors that may cause water contamination. Reliance on well water, as is the case for many in East Windsor and elsewhere in the nearby communities, makes yearly water testing essential. With the help of our knowledgeable water professionals, East Windsor homeowners should conduct these well inspections annually because younger children in particular, as well as other family members, can be negatively impacted by contaminated water. Aqua Pump’s water testing professionals understand the many signs and consequences of home water contamination; our water testing helps us to determine the presence of any of these potentially dangerous signs:

  • Greater presence of iron, manganese, arsenic, uranium, sodium, or chlorides
  • Harder or Softer Water
  • Higher or lower pH Balance
  • Problematic odors 

Can’t remember the last time you had your water tested? It is time to schedule our water testing services; contact us or call anytime at 1-855-936-0807.

Trusted Well Location Services in East Windsor, CT

Most of us lead very busy lives, and checking on a well location doesn’t usually make the “to do” list. Consequently, your well location may soon be covered by grass, bushes, or other yard debris. However, awareness of and easy access to your well location may be the starting point for many water issues. At the Aqua Pump Company, our expert well location team will use their training and specialized tools to determine your well location. Specialized equipment, like metal detectors, assist our water technicians in locating your well and then evaluating and adjusting it as needed to ensure that your wellhead works effectively and is above grade. Knowing your well location is key in preventative well maintenance; as such, the Aqua Pump Company’s well location efforts support easy access to your well and annual maintenance.

Experienced Leak Detection Services in East Windsor, CT 

East Windsor residents, along with neighboring residents are aware that water leaks may occur or that water systems may have issues over time. Since property damage and related clean up efforts may stem from water leaks, trusted leak detection can stop this issue before it begins or worsens. The Aqua Pump Company team is ready and willing to perform leak detection protocols in order to minimize the likelihood of leaks. Using advanced technology to help us spot water leaks inside walls or below the ground, our team’s leak detection services both prevent problems from starting and address issues before they cause significant home damage.

Expert Well Sanitizing Services

PH imbalances may lead to hard water, as may the presence of natural minerals, including iron and manganese. Hard or soft water issues may be resolved through the Aqua Pump Company’s well sanitization and conditioner use – applications that also support cleaner water in your home. At the Aqua Pump Company, we trust the Evolve Series water conditioners, which include an integrated chlorine generator. With each regeneration, the media bed is sanitized with a small amount of chlorine, which eradicates iron and sulfur bacteria (the bacteria that contributes to unpleasant tastes and odors) from the water. Both Evolve Series EV1 and EV2 include exclusive Crystal-Right media which optimize the resolution to a broad range of water quality issues.

PFAS Testing

PFAS are man-made chemicals that resist heat, water, and petroleum. These chemicals have been used regularly by manufacturers and other industrial businesses for years in their own products. Unfortunately, recent information shows that PFAS result in water contamination and may negatively impact our health. Since the use of PFAS has been so prevalent for many years, we recommend contacting us for PFAS testing in order to ensure the safety of your water supply.

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Our primary mission at the Aqua Pump Company remains addressing your water concerns and providing clean, safe water to your family. From minor repairs and annual maintenance to a personalized water filtration system for the home, the Aqua Pump Company provides top-notch customer service and supplies the best solution for your home or business. In choosing us, you are choosing certified, local, and knowledgeable professionals who participate in regular training about water filtration and treatment. Our efforts with continuing education mean that our services are aligned with the current developments in our profession and best practices in water filtration and treatment.

To learn more about your water quality, give us a call at 855-936-0807 or contact us today.