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About Griswold

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Like the central location of interstate 395 in town, water from Hopeville Pond to Pachaug Pond also runs through the central heart of Griswold. Just as we value one of the state’s primary rivers that moves through our company’s homebase in Stafford Springs, the Aqua Pump Company team knows how much of a gift water access is for outdoor fun and personal hobbies. We also know how important your home’s water safety and quality is to you. From routine water maintenance to emergency services, our team Aqua Pump is ready and available to address your water needs.

Expert Water Filtration in Griswold, CT

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From house cleaning to meal preparation, you and your loved ones rely on your home’s water safety and quality. To secure this essential resource, the Aqua Pump Company encourages the use of expert water filtration services, so you can enjoy a glass of water or bathing your child without fear. When you employ our services, our water filtration experts will evaluate your water supply and use the best practices in water purification to improve your water quality. Filtration removes undesirable chemicals or biological contaminants, including solids and gases in contaminated water, so water purification is truly an essential part of general home maintenance.

During water filtration, sediment, rust and sand are removed from your home water supply, which improves the water quality. Efficient water filtration systems support the water quality throughout your entire home, instead of a single water source and are applicable for homes with well or municipal water supplies. With a filtration system, the following overall improvements are often evident:

  • More pleasing water taste
  • Enhanced skin and hair health
  • Prevention of contaminant collection in water pipes and heaters
  • Longer lifespan for washing machines, dishwashers, and other water-based appliances

Contact the Aqua Pump Company with any questions about water safety, water quality, or water filtration. Our water filtration services are available in Griswold and across Connecticut.


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24/7 Emergency Water Services in Griswold, CT

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Homeowners have good reason to fear water issues and related damage. Regularly assessing your Griswold home or property helps prevent or quickly address any emergency water issues. After all, the switch from a barely noticeable drip to a deluge is the kind of surprise that everyone wants to avoid. As part of your home maintenance routine, look for any common warning signs of water issues. If you answer yes to any of the questions below, contact the Aqua Pump Company immediately and access our 24/7 emergency water services.

  • Lack of water?
  • Well pump issues?
  • Reduced or changed water pressure?
  • Dirty or cloudy water?
  • Noises from water tanks or pipes?

Using your common sense, noticing any of these signs might have already made you aware of a water issue. Paying attention to the sounds, sights, and smells in your home, particularly those that tie to water, are essential in preventing water problems or damage. Awareness about your home and how water moves through it may be the difference between a quick fix or a more severe, negative impact on your home or the health of a loved one. Find or suspect an issue, like inconsistent water pressure or water clarity? Contact our trusted water experts at Aqua Pump today.

For immediate solutions to these emergency water issues, contact the Aqua Pump Company for immediate service:

  • Water flow interruptions
  • Water pressure changes
  • Well water issues
  • Water pump breakage

Once we hear from you, a real person will address your water concerns with you, and send an Aqua Pump emergency water professional to your home to execute the plan to resolve your issue.


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The water in your home is essential to daily operations on your Griswold property and to the health of its inhabitants. The Aqua Pump Company team is committed to serving the community through our water treatment and filtration systems, well repair and location, and our emergency services. Choosing our company means that you are choosing a group of certified, local, and knowledgeable professionals who participate in regular training about the best water-related practices in our industry. Leveraging the most current developments in our profession means we can provide you and your home with premium water quality services.

Expert Well Repairs & Well Maintenance

Griswold’s homeowners, like so many others throughout Connecticut, may rely on well water. Our Aqua Pump team members understand the significant fear and anxiety that stem from unexpected water loss or the suspicion of contaminated water. From well maintenance services to yearly well check-ups, our team recommends routine well evaluation, which will both prevent well issues and enable quick and effective water supply and quality fixes, if problems arise.

Regular well inspections also optimize water pressure and well operations and reduce the likelihood of more damaging water issues, since this assessment indicates any maintenance or repair needs to the well specialists. In relying on the Aqua Pump Company’s expertise, Griswold property owners are connecting with technicians who can skillfully resolve water pump or water flow issues, therefore facilitating your home’s water access, safety, and quality. Once again, we enthusiastically promote routine water inspections, because well water maintenance reduces the potential need for emergency water service.


Contact us today because we are here to help you with your water issues or well repair and maintenance requests.

Trusted Griswold Water Testing

Although all water has some impurities, how water travels into and throughout the house can also influence water quality, including the potential for contamination. Reliance on well water, as many do in Griswold, means that yearly water testing is a must. Engage the Aqua Pump Company water professionals to conduct your home’s well inspections annually, because younger children in particular, as well as other family members, can be negatively impacted by contaminated water. Our team of water testing professionals know the signs and consequences of home water contamination, so our water testing helps us to determine the presence of any of these potential dangers:

  • Greater presence of iron, manganese, arsenic, uranium, sodium, or chlorides
  • Hard or soft water
  • High or low pH Balance
  • Unpleasant odors 

Expert Well Location Services in Griswold, CT  

With so much going on at work or with hectic family schedules, checking on the location of your well probably doesn’t top that daily “to do” list. Consequently, your home’s well location may soon be hidden by grass, tree limbs, leaves, or other yard debris. However, if water issues arise, you need to know where your well is and have easy access to it. At the Aqua Pump Company, our expert well location team applies their ongoing training in the most up-to-date methods and specialized equipment to identify your well location. Specialty tools, like metal detectors, assist our water technicians in finding your well, so that they can evaluate it and update it as needed to ensure that your wellhead works efficiently and is above grade. Awareness of your well location, easy access to it, and yearly well maintenance, all of which can be supported by our team, are also essential in water issue prevention. 

Expert Leak Detection Services

Homeowners know that water leaks happen, and water systems may need repairs as time goes on. Since significant property damage and related clean up can result from water leaks, engage trusted leak detection services to prevent or resolve this issue before it worsens. Our Aqua Pump Company experts perform leak detection protocols that can minimize the likelihood of leaks or greater damage. Using advanced technology, we can spot water leaks inside walls or below the ground. Fortunately for Griswold property owners, our team’s leak detection services both prevent problems from starting and address issues before their negative impact increases.

Trusted Griswold Well Sanitizing Services

PH imbalances, as well as the presence of natural minerals like iron and manganese, may cause hard water. Fortunately, Aqua Pump’s available well sanitization services and conditioning treatments address hard or soft water issues and support cleaner water in your home. At the Aqua Pump Company, we trust the Evolve Series water conditioners, which include an integrated chlorine generator. With each regeneration, the media bed is sanitized with a small amount of chlorine, and this emission works to remove iron and sulfur bacteria (the bacteria that often causes unpleasant tastes and odors) from the water. Both Evolve Series EV1 and EV2 include exclusive Crystal-Right media which helps resolve a range of water quality issues.

Griswold, CT PFAS Testing

PFAS are man-made chemicals that provide resistance to heat, water, and petroleum. This quality has resulted in the ongoing use of these chemicals by manufacturers and other industrial businesses in making their own products. Unfortunately, recent findings suggest that PFAS result in water contamination, which may negatively impact physical health. With the prevalent use of PFAS for so many years, we recommend contacting us for PFAS testing and thereby ensuring the safety of your water supply.

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Our mission at the Aqua Pump Company is to facilitate your access to a safe and consistent water supply and expediently resolve any water issues. To show our commitment to water and water care in the Griswold community, we proudly offer a free in-office home water test to residents. Using the results of this test, Aqua Pump Company’s water experts will make recommendations for your property or execute improvements to support your home water needs.

To learn more about your water quality, give us a call or contact us today.