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Hampton, CT

About Hampton

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Living in Hampton, residents are part of a supportive, close knit community surrounded by the beauty of northeastern Connecticut throughout every season. From adventures in their own backyards to time spent boating, cross-country skiing, and letterboxing at the James L. Goodwin State Forest, homeowners benefit from opportunities to enjoy so many open spaces in their town. At the Aqua Pump Company, we know that Hampton’s residents, like those in our hometown of Stafford Springs, also value water safety and quality in their homes. From routine water maintenance to emergency water services, our Aqua Pump team is here to provide your home and loved ones with safe, consistent water access.

Reliable Water Filtration in Hampton, CT

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Activities including cooking, showering, and housekeeping tasks require confidence in your home’s water safety and quality. To help achieve these water needs, the Aqua Pump Company recommends water filtration services to support safe water quality for your house and its inhabitants. To optimize your water, our skilled water filtration team will evaluate your water supply and employ best practices in water purification processes. Water purification is an essential task on the home maintenance checklist, because filtration techniques will remove undesirable chemicals or biological contaminants, while also suspending solids and gasses from contaminated water!

When water filtration eliminates sediment, rust and sand from your home water supply, the water quality in your home improves significantly. A proper water filtration system treats your entire home, and this treatment results in the following benefits:

  • Enhanced water taste
  • Healthier hair and skin
  • Prevention of contaminant accumulation in water pipes and heaters
  • Greater lifespan of water-sourcing appliances

Do you have questions about the water in your home? Contact the Aqua Pump Company, because we are here to provide our water filtration services for homes with well water or municipal water to Hampton residents and our other Connecticut neighbors. Contact us, your experienced water filtration team, today if anyone in your household has water quality concerns.


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24/7 Emergency Water Services in Hampton, CT

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Of all of the possible nightmares relating to homeownership, water issues and related damage top many people’s lists. We recommend consistent monitoring of your Hampton home, since your vigilance can help you prevent or quickly resolve any of the scary and sleep-interrupting emergency water issues you may fear. Perhaps as part of your regular cleaning routine, you’ll check to see if any of the common warning signs of potential water problems appear in your home. Did you notice any of the indicators below? Contact the Aqua Pump Company today to access our 24/7 emergency water services.

  • Missing Water?
  • Ineffective Well Pumps?
  • Minimal Water Pressure?
  • Cloudy or Dirty Tap Water?
  • Noise from the Water Tank or Pipes?

Using your commonsense, your notice of these signs probably already prompted your concern and the subsequent call to your trusted water technicians at the Aqua Pump Company. However, the concerted effort to proactively check your home for any of these signs also helps prevent water problems or more significant damage. Mindfulness about home health, especially in caring for water resources and efficiency, can make the difference between a quick fix or time-consuming terror. If you experience reduced water pressure, see discolored water, or hear an unexpected beat sounding from your water tank, contact the Aqua Pump Company anytime.

Aqua Pump offers emergency water services to our Hampton clients that will help resolve these emergency water issues:

  • No flowing water
  • Inconsistent Water Pressure
  • Disruptions or other Well Water Concerns
  • Water Pump breakdown

When you connect with our Aqua Pump team, a real person will help evaluate your water issue and expediently dispatch a service provider to your home. We understand how concerning water problems are, so we will be there to help you as soon as possible.


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When water issues arise at your Hampton home, the Aqua Pump Company team is committed to helping you resolve them using our extensive water treatment and filtration services. Our team of certified and licensed professionals regularly participate in training about water filtration and treatment to ensure that you are receiving services that leverage the best current practices and developments in the water treatment and filtration world.

Expert Well Repairs & Well Maintenance

In Hampton and throughout Connecticut and western Massachusetts, households depend on well water. Understandably, stress and significant anxiety go hand in hand with the discovery of an absent or compromised water supply. The Aqua Pump Company offers many services from well maintenance to yearly well tune-ups, which may not only prevent well issues but also provide the quickest solution to any new or recurring well needs.

To facilitate consistent water pressure and effective well function, regular well inspections are a key evaluation that enables our well repair experts to identify and address any well maintenance issues before they become bigger problems. With the support of Aqua Pump’s expert water specialists, secure the safety of your home’s water and resolve water pump issues or poor water flow today. Again, we emphasize that routine well water maintenance is an incredibly important part of ongoing water quality and access, because it reduces the potential need for emergency water services.

Trusted Water Testing in Hampton

All water has some impurities; however, the factors that can impact water as it travels to and throughout your house can contribute to possible water contamination. Depending on well water, like many Hampton homeowners and others in the surrounding areas do, makes it especially crucial to have annual water testing conducted by our skilled water experts. Hampton homeowners should have these well inspections performed because contaminated water impacts the health of those living in the home, particularly on the health of younger children. Since our water testing experts understand the multiple implications of home water supply contamination, our water testing examines well water for these warning signs:

  • Greater presence of iron, manganese, arsenic, uranium, sodium, or chlorides
  • Harder or Softer Water
  • Higher or lower pH Balance
  • Problematic odors 

Expert Well Location Services in Hampton, CT  

It is often not until a water problem occurs that homeowners think about their well location. Since life is often too busy to check on a well location regularly, long grass, accumulated brush, or assorted yard items can cover it up. In these circumstances, our experienced well locators employ their training, experience, and specialized tools to expose your well. With specialized equipment, including metal detectors, our water technicians will find, evaluate, adjust, or improve your well as needed to make sure that your wellhead works properly and is above grade. Well location is essential in preventative well maintenance, so invite the Aqua Pump Company’s well location team to your property in order to establish clear access to your well and provide yearly well maintenance. Then, if your well needs repair or a replacement, your service team will be able locate the well easily and quickly fix any water or well problems

Expert Leak Detection Services

Hampton residents recognize that water leaks happen, and water systems may require repair due to ongoing use. Since water leaks may cause property damage or extensive clean up, trusted leak detection services protect your home against these possibilities. You can depend on the experienced water experts at the Aqua Pump Company to spot leaks and execute leak detection protocols to reduce the likelihood of leaks and leak damage. Our leak detection services use advanced technology to help uncover underground leaks or those inside your walls. Stop leaks before they encroach upon your Hampton home with our leak detection services.

Experienced Well Sanitizing Services 

Natural minerals, including iron and manganese, or pH imbalances may lead to hard water. Fortunately, hard or soft water issues may be resolved with well sanitization and conditions, which also support cleaner water in your home. The Evolve Series water conditioners are recommended by the Aqua Pump Company, because they include an integrated chlorine generator. With each regeneration, this included generator sanitizes the media bed with a small amount of chlorine, which removes the iron and sulfur bacteria that often cause undesirable tastes and odors in water. Exclusive Crystal-Right media are found in both Evolve Series EV1 and EV2 and result in enhanced performance in addressing a broad range of water quality concerns.

PFAS Testing

PFAS, man-made chemicals that are resistant to heat, water and petroleum products, have been used regularly by manufacturers and other industrial companies in producing their own products. Recently, it has been revealed that PFAS may contaminate water and negatively impact one’s health. Unfortunately, PFAS have been used for decades and are therefore quite prevalent, so be sure to contact us for PFAS testing to protect the safety of your water supply.

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At the Aqua Pump Company, our mission is to respond to your water concerns and to ensure your household’s access to clean, safe water. Since Aqua Pump’s homebase is located in Stafford Springs, our commitment to ensuring safe and quality water throughout Connecticut is both professional and personal. As an illustration of our investment to homeowners throughout our state, we offer a free in-office home water test to Hampton residents. Whether addressing the results of your personal home water test with you or solving other home water issues, the Aqua Pump Company’s experienced water experts will provide the service you can count on and the solutions that your home water supply may need. To learn more about your water quality, along with our products and services, contact us today.