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Lisbon, CT

About Lisbon

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Snuggled between the Shetucket and Quinebaug Rivers, Lisbon is home to the country’s first railroad tunnel and over 4,000 residents who enjoy all of the benefits that the town offers from the sports and events at Lisbon Meadows Park to boating and fishing on one of the area's many water destinations. For both activities on the water and water use in the home, residents appreciate the importance of water access and quality. The Aqua Pump Company proudly offers water filtration, well maintenance, and other emergency water services to Lisbon and communities throughout Connecticut.

Expert Water Filtration in Lisbon, CT

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Ensuring the safety of your home water quality is essential for all homeowners, as it is necessary for so many activities in the household. Fortunately, the Aqua Pump Company offers expert water filtration services so that your water is available, clean, and safe for all of the times in a day that you and your loved ones use it. Working with our experts means that your water supply will be evaluated and maintained using premium water purification techniques. Water purification is so important, because it removes undesirable chemicals and biological contaminants and suspends gases and solids from contaminated water.

Furthermore, a water filtration system minimizes sediment, sand, and rust in your home’s water supply. Some of the benefits of a proper water filtration system when used to treat the water quality of your entire home are listed here:

  • Better tasting water
  • Support for healthier skin and hair
  • Prevention of contaminant buildup in water-based heating or piping
  • Increased longevity of appliances, including dishwashers and washing machines

When you have concerns about your home water supply or its safety, the Aqua Pump Company offers water filtration services to clients in Lisbon that rely on municipal water and well water, as well as 24/7 availability. Don’t hesitate to contact a professional and knowledgeable water filtration provider, like Aqua Pump Company, the moment you suspect a water issue.


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24/7 Emergency Water Services in Lisbon, CT

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Water problems can be a nightmare for homeowners. Instead of a sleepless night, rest well simply by being vigilant about your home water. As you conduct your exploration using the question prompts below about relatively common water warning signs, your proactive efforts can help reduce the likelihood of a water emergency. However, if you answer yes to any of the questions, contact Aqua Pump Company immediately for 24/7 emergency water services.

  • No water?
  • Problematic well pumps?
  • Low water pressure?
  • Cloudy or dirty water?
  • Noise in pipes or water tanks?

Using commonsense and your powers of observation also help prevent water issues, so be sure to look at and listen to what is happening in your home and react accordingly. If unusual noises come from piping in the walls or only a dribble of water appears when you turn on a faucet, it is time to take immediate action to protect your home and guard against even more serious water damage.

As further evidence of how Aqua Pump cares for your home water supply, we offer emergency water services to address these unfortunate water issues:

  • No water
  • Changed water pressure
  • Reduced water pressure
  • Issues with well water
  • Water pump fixes

When you connect with our team by phone or online form, a real person will then help assess your situation and ensure the swift arrival of a service technician to solve your water problem.


The Aqua Pump
Company Promise

Do it Once - Do it Right

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The Aqua Pump Company is on a mission to solve your water problems and to provide clean, safe water for your home. From minor updates to new water filtration systems, our team is eager to use their knowledge and experience to provide you with the best possible service. Please accept the gift of a free in-office home water test from us, as a demonstration of our commitment to Lisbon residents. We’ll use the test results to provide specific recommendations just for you and your home! To learn more about your water quality, contact us today.

Expert Well Repairs & Well Maintenance

Many homeowners in Lisbon and throughout Connecticut rely on well water, so our team understands the anxiety and urgency that you feel when you wake up to no water in the shower or new leakage from water pipes. From general maintenance to yearly tune-ups, skilled Aqua Pump Company professionals offer the well repair and maintenance services you need for consistent water supply in your home.

Regular inspections are also beneficial, because they can result in improvements in water pressure and the most efficiently functioning well. These assessments help uncover water issues that may seem smaller and less intrusive now but that could turn into potentially damaging problems in the home. To help ensure the safety of your home and water supply, our knowledgeable water technicians are prepared to inspect water pumps or well water flow concerns. Additionally, routine water inspections are an essential task on your home maintenance checklist, because proper well water maintenance ultimately reduces the potential for emergency water support.

Expert Water Testing in Lisbon, CT

All water has some impurities, but other factors can cause potential contamination, including how your water travels to and through your home for use. Accordingly, annual water testing that is conducted by qualified professionals is a must for homes that rely on well water. At the Aqua Pump Company, we recommend that you have well inspections done regularly, because using and consuming contaminated water is dangerous, especially for young children. Our team of experienced water technicians wants to protect you and your loved ones against the risks and realities of a contaminated home water supply, so our water testing looks for these most common issues with well water:

  • Hard or Soft Water
  • Low or High pH Balance
  • Arsenic
  • Manganese
  • Uranium
  • Iron
  • Sodium 
  • Chlorides
  • Odor 

Trust Lisbon Well Location Services

If you depend on well water, knowing your well location is critical in maintaining a consistent and safe water supply. We understand that home maintenance has many associated tasks that need doing both inside and outside of the home, so sometimes overgrown grass or accumulated tree debris may cover your well. Fortunately, the experience of our service team and their use of the best techniques and tools of the trade will help them reveal your well location. With the help of metal detectors and other specialized equipment, our well professionals will bring your wellhead above grade and optimize well efficiency. Understandably, proper well maintenance requires knowing the location of your well and access to it. When you work with the Aqua Pump Company, our team offers trusted well location services, so that it will be easy for you to direct water professionals to this spot, if emergency services are needed.

Reliable Leak Detection Services in Lisbon

For Lisbon residents and other homeowners throughout Connecticut, home repairs and updates are expected. Especially with the frequency of storms in our area, we understand that materials break down because of repeated weather impact or daily use, and water leaks happen. Leak detection, for example, is such an essential service, since water leaks may ultimately cause property damage and time-consuming or costly clean up. Weather events and aging homes are a part of life, so be sure that you work with experienced water experts like the Aqua Pump Company to feel confident that you will get the help you need, as soon as you need it. To further reduce the likelihood of any water issues, our leak detection services incorporate the use of state-of-the-art technology to identify water leaks underground or even inside your walls. Stop water leaks before they compromise the water supply of your property.

Experienced Well Sanitizing Services in Lisbon

Natural minerals, like iron or manganese, or pH imbalances are often found in water and may cause hard water. Fortunately, well sanitization helps to ensure clean water in your home. Additionally, the use of water conditioners address issues like hard or soft water, and the Aqua Pump Company highly recommends the Evolve Series water conditioners. They are equipped with an integrated chlorine generator that produces a small amount of chlorine during each regeneration to sanitize the media bed. Then, the chlorine effectively kills the iron and sulfur bacteria that produces unwanted tastes and odors. Finally, exclusive Crystal-Right media is used in both the Evolve Series EV1 and EV2 to address a range of water quality issues.

PFAS Testing

A type of man-made chemicals, PFAS offer resistance to heat, water and petroleum products. These properties have made them especially useful to manufacturing and industrial companies over the years. Disturbingly, emerging research reveals that these chemicals can contaminate the water supply and may negatively impact one’s health. Contact us for PFAS testing, so you can avoid the potential ramifications of encountering this chemical contamination.

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For water problems and water supply maintenance, the Aqua Pump Company is here to help you care for your home. We proudly offer our water treatments, filtration systems, and other services in Lisbon and across the state of Connecticut. Our certified professionals in water filtration and treatment continue to improve their skills through regular training and ensure that they are current on the latest practices, tools, and resources in the industry to best serve the water needs of our customers.

To learn about your water quality, give us a call at 855-936-0807 or contact us today.