How Can I Limit My PFAs Exposure

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How Do I Limit PFAS Exposure?

How Can I Limit My PFAs Exposure

Now that I know a little more about PFAS chemicals, what are some steps I can take to protect myself from PFAS exposure?

People and their pets can be affected by ingesting or being exposed to water supplies with PFAS chemicals in them. If you have had your water tested and it is known to contain these chemicals, first off, do NOT boil your water. This does not do anything to remove the chemicals, and can actually concentrate them. The easiest way to reduce PFAS exposure is to buy bottled water that has been treated and tested for PFAS. Most popular water bottle brands include this in their testing and treatment of water. Water treatment processes that utilize activated carbon and reverse osmosis are two effective ways of eliminating PFAS chemicals from your home water sources.

Do Routine Daily Activities Increase My PFAS Exposure?

Daily activities like showering, bathing, and swimming do not pose a major threat to exposure to PFAS chemicals. If anything, as a precaution you can take shorter showers and minimize your time in water like lakes and streams. Washing dishes and doing laundry also do not pose a major risk to exposure. If using a personal humidifier, it is advised to fill it with only safe and treated water.

If you have a garden and grow produce for personal consumption, there are a few precautions you can take to minimize your exposure to PFAS in fruits and vegetables. First, not all types of PFAS chemicals can be absorbed into your produce. Many can be easily flushed out of soil with a clean water supply. To be safe, water your garden with a supply of clean water that has been tested for PFAS. If you can, mix your soil with a supply of clean compost that does not come from a contaminated source. Once harvested, you can thoroughly wash your produce with a clean source of water. If you grow root vegetables like onions and potatoes, you can consider peeling them and washing them before consumption.

All of these precautions are only effective when you take the first step to first test your water for PFAS contamination. When you have more knowledge about your own water supply, whether it be from a public water supply or a private well, you can then take the next steps to install proper filtration techniques that will eliminate these chemicals from your water. Installing a reverse osmosis filter or a carbon-based filter are two simple ways to protect yourself from exposure to PFAS chemicals. If you would like to test your water supply or install a filter, be sure to reach out to Aqua Pump Co. Inc. at 860-684-5349 to schedule an appointment. When you are informed about your water, you can better ensure the health and happiness of your friends and family.

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