Inexpensive Water Filtration: Its Uses and Limitations

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Inexpensive Water Filtration Helps Keep Your Family Safe

Inexpensive Water Filtration: Its Uses and Limitations

From the inexpensive options to the most comprehensive ones, people explore water filtration systems for three key reasons: health and safety, taste and smell, and environmentally friendly convenience. To reduce the risk of waterborne illnesses or exposure to contaminants like PFAS, lead, chlorine, bacteria, microplastics, and other chemicals, people often integrate additional water filtration measures. For those that rely on well water, they must also turn to these systems as a way to improve the quality of their water to a greater degree than their general tap water provides. Finally, home water filtering reduces the need to rely on bottled water – an easy way to save money in the monthly budget and practice greater sustainability in resource consumption.

As you begin your own water filtration search, having water experts, like the Aqua Pump Company professionals, conduct water testing can help you understand more about your existing water supply. This information will better help you determine the kind of water filtration system or other water treatment products that will best serve your needs and enhance your water quality.

What are some inexpensive water filtration options and their uses?

In an emergency water situation, people sometimes boil water to improve the safety of their water. However, both this method and other DIY filtration systems aren’t optimal for long-term use nor are they viable for standard daily household tasks. Consequently, many individuals turn to inexpensive water filtration methods, which may be separate from or attached to water containers or sinks.

As sometimes found in refrigerated water features as well as specialty pitchers or container options, carbon or charcoal filters or sticks are used to remove some impurities from drinking water to improve taste or smell. Another inexpensive water filtration option is the faucet-mounted filter which also uses carbon to improve water in a similar fashion. However, this device is often able to filter a greater amount of water at a faster rate than container-specific filtration. With more features than the previous options, countertop and basic under-sink filters are also budget-friendly choices that may last longer and include greater levels of filtration. They also filter more water in a faster amount of time.

4 Limitations of Inexpensive Water Filters

In addition to inexpensive or DIY water filtration approaches, there are other options for water filtration that offer even more substantial and longer-lasting benefits. Some of these options include reverse osmosis units and whole house water filtration systems. Water filtration systems may also be accompanied by iron filters or pH neutralizers, as well as specialty treatments, including arsenic treatments. While inexpensive options are needed from time to time, they do include some limitations, which may make other water filtration systems more affordable in the long run!

  • Utility

Many of the more inexpensive water filters mainly address drinking and cooking water, and are designed for this use or located in the kitchen. However, they do not provide the other benefits that options like a whole house water filtration system offers, including support for cleaner skin and healthier hair and the removal of more contaminants from all water-dispensing faucets and appliances throughout the home. If your filtering efforts are intended to improve the water supply for a greater number of daily household activities, a whole house filtration system may be the right choice for you.

  • Flow

While the access speed and quantity of water may be less crucial for the periodic glasses of water for a single resident, larger households and greater water consumption needs while cooking may require consistent flow. If taste and purity are the main goals, explore affordable under-sink water filtration options or a more comprehensive reverse osmosis system.

  • Longevity

Inexpensive filters don’t last as long as other options and may require continuous owner upkeep, such as regular filter purchase and replacement, to maintain their basic efficiency for their limited lifespan. Instead of a once-yearly check-up and the many years that a whole house system may offer, other options may only be recommended for so many pitchers of water or may be prone to issues with mold or other structural compromises.

Additionally, since many inexpensive water filters address water concerns after the water comes out of the tap or at that singular specific water faucet, water complications or contamination are not addressed at the source. As such, piping and other water-sourcing appliances may also experience shorter lifespans or other damage related to water quality concerns. 

  • Comprehensive Coverage

In addition to their significantly shorter lifespan, inexpensive water filters aren’t typically designed to be lasting solutions for water quality and safety. From dissolved solids and minerals that contribute to water hardness and unpleasant tastes and smells to the removal of heavy metals like lead and arsenic and harmful contaminants like bacteria and viruses, inexpensive filters are not generally designed to address these issues. They also do not typically alleviate other concerns like chemical contamination from chlorine and pesticides or necessary pH adjustments. Consequently, while an inexpensive filter may seem to improve water taste and remove sediment, even this filtered water may still be exposing you and your loved ones to harmful substances.

For a water filtration system that can help address the specific preferences of your family and improve the water quality in your home, connect with the Aqua Pump Company today. Our expert team is ready to work with you in order to find the right water filtration or treatment solution for your water supply. Contact us today to discuss water testing or schedule a water filtration installation.

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