What is Well Power?

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What is Well Power?

From washing the summer’s first tomato harvest to a refreshing glass of water, your home’s well power ensures that you and your family have consistent access to safe clean water. By understanding what powers your home water well, you can better support its essential functions. Additionally, with a greater awareness of any potential signs of a well power disruption or other emergency water service concern, you’ll be better prepared to reach out to a local water technician if an issue emerges.

Well Power Basics

It can be easy to take well operation for granted. As long the water flows, the intricacies of your well system, such as its power source, is likely not on your mind. However, understanding how your well operates and its power source should be viewed like preventative maintenance (or simply knowing how to locate your well). Generally, homeowners will be fine, but without this knowledge, if an emergency occurs, you’ll want to know where to check and ultimately, who to call in order to address any issues and keep your water flowing. 

  • What do well pumps do?

Well pumps are responsible for moving water from the well into a storage tank for eventual use.  The right well pump for your home depends on a number of different factors, including the depth and type of your well. For example, submersible pumps are the most common type of residential pump because they are installed directly inside the well. Additionally, locations with shallow water tables can leverage well pumps specifically designed for these water circumstances. Plus, other types of well pumps, like Deep Well Jet Pumps, lend themselves to use in both shallow and deep wells.

  • What powers well pumps?

Typically, well pumps utilize electricity (although wind or solar power can be used) as the power source, along with natural underground water pressure. Due to the reliance on electricity, the pump may stop working during a power outage. Although a backup source of power is typically not the default option, homeowners may want to utilize a battery backup to ensure a continuous flow of water during any power outages.

Signs of a Well Power Disruption

According to information shared by the CT Department of Public Health, an average of more than 100,000 gallons of water are used each year…by a single residence. From outdoor car and yard care to inside operations like cooking and bathing, any disruption to well power can significantly and immediately impact activities in and around the home. Here are 3 potential reasons for well power disruption and 5 signs that point to a problem with your well or its power source.

3 Reasons Why Your Well Isn’t Working

  • Lightning Strike: Lightning or another electrical surge can result in water supply issues. A burnt smell to the water, black marks on or around the well construction or cloudy and discolored water may indicate a problem.

  • Power outage: Similarly, even a temporary outage may impact water availability, if there isn’t a backup power source for your well.

  • System Deterioration: During annual well maintenance, one thing that water specialists typically look for is clogged or worn-out components. While these discoveries may not be causing a problem at the time of this year’s inspection, they can lead to future malfunctions and should be replaced to support well pump function and energy efficiency. 

5 Signs of a Potential Well or Power Problem

  • No water is a common sign of a water emergency, such as a well power problem.
  • Another indication of a problem is excessive or new noise coming from the well pump or other water system features.
  • Finding sediment in your water may also point to a well issue.
  • Low water pressure or inconsistent pressure may be another indicator of a problem with your water supply system.
  • Changes in the smell or taste of water makes its consumption unpleasant but also often indicates a system issue.

Ensuring Well Power Efficiency

Your local water expert can not only address any routine or emergency well service needs but also help you make your well power as efficient as possible. After all, problems with wells can lead to excess power use, which has the potential to increase your utility bill unexpectedly if left unchecked. Based on the unique needs of each building and the daily operations within it, a professional water team can help customize the well pump size and type, as well as its run time and horsepower, in accordance with each property’s water demands. Additionally, the cleanliness of the well system directly correlates with its efficiency, not to mention the quality of the water supply and its protection against potential contaminants. Accordingly, make sure to include well maintenance on your annual home care checklist, as well as well water testing.

Looking for qualified well services near you to perform routine well maintenance or other water services, such as a water filtration or a water tank upgrade? The Aqua Pump Co. is a family-owned business with more than four decades of experience in the water system and service profession. Committed to our customers and our continuing education, we are dedicated to providing you with the care, services and products that you need to ensure a consistent availability of safe, quality water for you and your loved ones. Contact us today for routine service or keep in mind we offer 24/7 emergency service when in need.

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